Day 9: 20 Reasons I'm Excited to have an apartment

It's already official; I have an apartment for next year. The lease has been signed and a security deposit has been paid. I will be living in a 2 story apartment - each floor has 3 bedrooms, a decent sized living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc - anything a normal apartment might have. Needless to say I'm excited and of course I has to make a list of why.

1. I get to have a place that is all my own. And by that I mean it's not a stupid dorm.
2. The big bedroom. The bedrooms are so big. Like twice the size of where I'm currently living.
3. My own bedroom. No more sharing with Forrest. (Yes, my roommate's name is Forrest.)
4. My own kitchen. I no longer will need to leave my living space if I need a kitchen.
5. Everything I might need is in the apartment (as opposed to having to leave my room for something).
6. A living room. To live in.
7. Being able to bake when I want to bake. This actually thrills me.
8. Being able to alter my own room. Like hanging stuff on the wall and furniture and maybe (hopefully) paint.
9. Furniture shopping. I obviously wont have any existing furniture to take, so I will need to go get stuff, and I love looking for furniture.
10. Getting my own dishware/glassware/silverware.
11. It is just as close to campus as a dorm. Bonus.
12. It will be super close to my architecture friends' house. I can see their house from my back window. I plan on putting in a zip line from my back patio to their front porch. (Realistic? Totally.)
13. I can host events.
14. Like dinner parties.
15. And cocktail parties (when I'm of age of course.)
16. Living with Ellen and Marissa. Yes, I am living with two girls, but it will be just fine.
17. There is a spare room that we can convert into a guest room and have people visit.
18. It's somewhere to store all of my stuff when I'm not there. (See issue number 20 of day 3)
19. Experimenting with interior design. I get to try and recreate my aesthetics in the real world! No more daydreaming for me.
20. It will be the same place for at least 2 years. Another bonus.

Here are some of my inspiration photos. I doubt my space will look like this, but I would be unbelievably happy if it did.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhhh I am so craving a place of my own to mold and shape, but alas, I have to daydream for a few more years.

I'm super excited to see how your apartment turns out once you get settled in! You have such good taste (really, all the Blogger Family does)!

lina said...

this is really, really exciting!!! can't wait to see photos of everything!

Natalie said...

I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU. Then some time I can come up and visit and attend one of your fancy dinner parties.

I'm telling you, post pictures and people are going to pinterest the shit out of them. ALSO, SO MANY NOTES ON TUMBLR IN YOUR FUTURE. Cause clearly that's the best part about having your own apartment...

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