23. Architect. Connoisseur of doughnuts, colourful wall murals, and mid-century modern furniture.

An Integral Design happens to be an all-purpose phrase that I thought up before entering architecture school. I simultaneously started blogging on this site as well as discovering a personal aesthetic through visual medias. As such, I needed a title that explained the purpose behind it all, and it became  a mantra for me; where integral is defined as essential or necessary for completeness, and the design refers to my development as an individual while I continuously submerge myself to the world of design.

This is my lifestyle/style/food/interior design/architecture/design/photography/blog where I dole out insight towards life and hopefully, you can pick up a tip or two along the way.

Plessmann GmbH said...

DIY with endlessleather

Hi there!

I would like to ask you if our selection of more than 3.000 different leather cords and findings would be inspiring to you?

I saw your posts and could imagine something like a DIY creation from you with some of our products.

We could supply you (for free) with everything you find in our store and would be interested in being mentioned in return.

Hope this sounds interesting to you. If you have any other ideas about how we could work together in any way, just let me know!

I'd be happy to hear from you!

Kind regards
Yanling Rong-Brunelle


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