Day 12: 20 Pictures taken on my phone

Whenever I can, I try to have my camera on me to take photos, whenever an opportunity may arise. But sometimes I decide not to take my camera somewhere, then I just have the urge to photograph something and as my phone is always on me, I take it with the (very bad) camera on my phone. So for this post, here are 20 photos taken from my phones camera. It's a little bit more insight to the arbitrary things I feel as if I need to capture - that's what a photo is to me, a permanent memory.
(In order from most recent to this past summer...)

Giant delicious cinnamon roll and chai tea latte on my weekend coffee date

We went apple picking and we ran into these two guys matching... (actually they're two guys on my swim team and they decided to match - which I found hilarious)

Brown boat shoes, mustard socks, and olive green corduroy? Just because it doesn't match doesn't mean I wont try.

Shameless outfit picture. Love this flannel from Uniqlo

Found this in the freshman architecture studio....

Card from Maggie

My campus on a nice day

One of the last days of summer spent out on the lake

The only time my name has been spelled correctly on a Starbucks order

Dinner date with my best friends before leaving for our second year of college, at yes, Flying Squirrel Pizza.

What's cuter than a puppy on a slide?

Flowers at a farmers market

The only type of soda I like - Birch Beer

Banners like this are awesome.

I also have a thing for vintage clocks.

And GIANT kitchen tools.

I made a graduation card for my friend Eva by drawing each of the dresses she wore to graduation events. You too could receive a personalized graduation card if you're as awesome as Eva. 

Another shameless outfit picture. This is my favorite flannel, and favorite raincoat...

Someone was celebrating something, somewhere...

My friends Erica (above), Kristy, and I call ourselves the three musketeers. They're pretty much the only people from high school I still talk to on a regular basis.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhhh flannel! And that card you made is so awesome!

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