Note to self for next winter: more hats, gloves, and get a better peacoat. It's been a literal arctic tundra since being here and I am so over it.

Our first week of the semester we were assigned to go to a variety of museums; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and the Natural History Museum. While I do love myself a well curated museum, this was a bit much in the course of three days. We had assignments to do at each location but as usual, I got lost wandering around and neglected to actually fully complete the work. For someone whose future is in designing spaces, I sure do navigate them poorly....

In order to justify all of the extraneous expenditures of NYC, I picked up a weekend job teaching swim lessons. I know I should be saving money, paying for school, (insert basically anything else involving being responsible here) but while I'm in this amazing city with infinite amounts of locations to go to, things to do, and places to eat I want to do it all. I have eaten at so many great restaurants (I'm keeping a list, don't you worry) and each one is so unique.

Really, the days are so long that I have to plan every minute of the week and weekend so I pack all of my free time with friends and food from the city. I try and see Taylor and Anastasia when our schedules align. I went to a great bar with Taylor that served a personal pizza with every drink you order, and Anastasia took me to an empanada place which was unbelievably good. I've been to brunch a few times with some recent RPI alumn and my roommates and I have tried to explore our neighborhood when it's nice enough weather to.

If there was one thing I could change it would be the amount of time it takes to get anywhere. Our apartment in Brooklyn is great, but getting into Manhattan takes almost 30 minutes, and then getting anywhere else takes just as much time. Waiting for other "things" has never been my strong suit and that trait continues to haunt me when the L stops running between Union Square and 8th avenue so I have to walk the 20 minutes to Chelsea for work instead of just an easy ride. Dammit to L!

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