Good Day.

I have enjoyed today.

Woke up at a reasonable time (NOT 5 am.) and went down to the mall.

Picked up some yarn to crochet a scarf for one of my school friends, Kelsey. She has decided to send me a song every day this summer to make sure she stays in touch which is cheesy and cute and I love it. I also went to a clothing exchange store, and got rid of some old clothes - and they gave me $28 for it! So of course I bought a ridiculously inexpensive Ralph Lauren button up for $14 (see picture above.) I then spent another bit of that money for two new books at a thrift store. So essentially I got paid to buy stuff today. Perfection.

The weather was awesome today so I went lap swimming at our outdoor pool before it opened to beat the rush. I can do this because I am also the assistant manager, assistant swim coach, and head lifeguard at this pool. I'm working on my speedo tan line.

Made myself a delicious grilled turkey and avocado sandwich for lunch, then went back to the pool. (Going back was the only part of the day that I would have liked to avoided since I went to clean out the pool filters which were gross. I'll spare the details.)

Then I went and printed out some pictures to send to some friends who just graduated from RPI (and I hope I will see them again someday) and while I was at the store I saw a bunch of Seattle post cards. Its funny to think that other people can get so excited about coming here. I mean, YES, this place is awesome. But I still find it amusing.

Had awesome homemade hamburgers and finished it off with a milkshake I made for myself. Going to watch The Lady in Black soon, we'll see how Daniel Radcliffe does outside of the Harry Potter world. Below are some of my adventures I've had so far since I've been home, documented with instagram. (Follow me at anintegraldesign if you'd like)

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

Snapshots of Seattle

Just some shots of the Space Needle, EMP, and other things in the Seattle Center
This is what you have to look forwards to, those of you who are coming to Seattle this summer.
I'm working on the details right now. (Well, not RIGHT now, but like, today.)
Have a good week and enjoy nice weather if you have it.
If not, I understand. It just keeps raining here.

My orange shoelaces get lots of strange looks.

Arrived home from school two days ago and too much has happened since.

I just want to sit around, drink some coffee and read a book or something easy like that. But that would be rather uncharacteristic of me, so of course I spend my first day back going on a run, going out for pho with best friend Kristy, going downtown (pictures to come), going swimming, going out to dinner, and then ending the day cleaning my room and getting rid of unnecessary belongings.
My head doesn't understand why I'm not trying to learn something, or solve some obscure architectural dilemma, my body hasn't gotten used to the 3 hour time change yet, and the rest of me wants to have all my new found collegiate friends here with me.
I'm starting my unreasonably early a.m. lifeguard shift as well as my assistant coaching gig this week, so I'll be able to figure out a schedule. That will put me in the right mindset for productivity. Right now my family is mourning the loss of our two cats - one went missing a month ago and the other one got hit by a car today. First time our family hasn't had a cat in over twenty years. My friends want me to go bowling tonight, but I just want to sit around and bake strawberry upside down cakes.
I managed to get sun burnt this morning, and now my face hurts. If you actually read this disorganized jumble of thoughts I applaud you and you deserve a baked good.
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