Portland, etc.

A few photos from my trip to Portland some weekends ago, all of which I stole from my friend Monika who I went with. It was so much fun to get away from work for a weekend and enjoy a new city. Seriously one of the most relaxed places to visit, and I would definitely love to go back.

I'm so excited for Amy to come tomorrow, and the rest of the Bloggers (who are coming) are arriving in just a few days! Although everything is planned out on paper, I'm sure something will not go right. I just hope everyone travels safely.

Below is the front of a card I received from my friend Kelsey (the same one who is sending me a song every day this summer). One of the sweetest things I have ever received. I leave to go back to the East coast in exactly a month. Summer just didn't seem long enough.

It's like life decided to haphazardly throw lemons at me.

I can't really catch them and most are just hitting me in odd places.

This has been my life lately.
Working lots at the pool during the week, and spending my weekends out and about freely. Last weekend I went down to Portland,  and spent a lot of time in the Portland Art Museum (PAM). More to come on that soon, it was a great time catching up with some friends from school, as well as getting away from everything - if only for a day.
It was my best friends birthday last week so I sent him a package of all things that reminded me of him. This includes: a Fun. CD, funfetti cake mix, an anchorman tee shirt, a batman/joker card, vitamin water, and of course a handmade card. He claims to have loved it. Part of me is a little skeptical because he hated the gift his girlfriend got him, however he outright told her that he didn't like it (smooth move bro). Oh well, I don't think they should be dating anyways.
My jobs at the pool have engulfed my life. I spent 15 hours at the pool I work this past Tuesday alone. 60+ hours a week I spend working, but since I'm on a salary this would be the equivelent of me getting paid $5 an hour. I'm going to ask for a raise.
I think I'm just taking things too seriously. Today, one of the newer employees told me I acted like I was 25. I'm taking that as a compliment, since I was dealing with pool members at that time, but I also feel aged, and  expected to act older than I am. Which I do. But I do still want to me a nineteen year old who runs around with his friends spontaneously, not really having to worry about operating a facility, running a swim team, and managing a "bussiness".
Am I working to live? Or living to work?
The lines are blurred.

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