So much can happen in a week.

You can realize how close of friends you've made in the past year and a half. You can realize you are a part of something important. Something that benefits the community, and something that benefits you. You have the ability to experience all types of things - like sledding down a hill on a sheet of plastic, listening to Walk The Moon obsessively,  seeing the lightheartedness that people can maintain in the most difficult of times, and to mend broken relationships. To experience the generosity of those you know, and from complete strangers. You can receive confirmations. You can reconnect with a far away friend through good old fashioned snail mail. You might have to make some important decisions, like which minor is right for you and your future career. Even stumble upon another firm to apply for an internship for next year. You can study for hours and reward yourself with an episode of a t.v. show of your choice. You might realize that somebody needs a pick me up, and you should probably do that for them because, why the hell not. You change your watch strap because you realize that change happens, and sometimes change should happen, and it will all be for the best.

Seriously, a lot can happen in a week.
You just need to experience it as it happens.

Rant & Rave

{  I'm reformatting a portion of the newspaper that I used to read every Sunday which was a "rant" and "rave" section where people submitted something great that happened (a rave) or something awful that happened (a rant).  Here's my version of it. }

Rave: Being back in Seattle for a week was amazing. The weather (for the most part) was fantastic, and I was able to see one of my closest friends on her 20th birthday, meet up with a blogger, go shopping, and take a trip to Oregon with my sister.

Rant: The trip to Oregon had disastrous moments. It began with my sister tripping out of the doorway, and me hitting my head on the trunk at 6 am before we'd even left. It got worse when our right rear brake/turn signal light went out as we arrived in Portland. It got even worse when the left one went out, at the beginning of our drive back to Seattle. It worsened even more when a cop began to follow me as I was in the far left lane and probably should have moved lanes for it, but I was not about to risk them noticing that ALL of the lights on the back of my car were out.

Rave: The day I went shopping with my mom was very successful. And by that I mean I got a bunch of awesome new clothes. Two button ups and a polo from J.Crew, a pair of black suede Clark's desert boots, and a dark wash denim jacket from Levi's. All from outlets, of course. I find that when I go to retail stores an employee and I manage to get into a discussion about the clothes they sell (most experiences happened in the J.Crew store in Albany) but this time the Levi's workers were the overly friendly ones. Sometimes I wonder if people in retail are kind and attentive to the customers because they have to, or if they genuinely want to, because I'm starting to think I should befriend these nice employees. Most retail workers are about my age, and have insider information on the things I like to buy. (No I'm not planning in using them like that.) But i digress. Specifically, the guy who asked me about my jeans ("Yes they are Levi's. Selvedge? Yeah, from Nordstrom rack. I got a good deal? Thanks.") and was helping me decide on what wash of denim jacket to purchase (You have a darker wash? This is what you own? Does it shrink when you wash it? Oh, its understandable if you decide to never wash it, it is rigid material.) also told me that they sell Timex watch straps at Target which I then when to look for and found, to my surprise. So, long story short - thank you for letting me know about the watch straps and I wish we could be friends. (He did seem rather dejected after he asked if I was from around there, and I said no I go to school in New York.)

Rant: I really don't want to spend another day travelling. Especially heading back to the East coast, because I  loose three hours and it's all screwed up I tell you. I also don't want to go back to dining hall food. After eating all the awesome home cooked meals and going out to eat so often with my family I dread the bland mass-produced food served in the dining halls.

Rave: I'm feeling nostalgic and thankful for the community I've entered of the bloggers I've met. Meeting this Maggie over the weekend was a blast, and having this Maggie upload the video of footage from our Seattle trip reminded me of how much I love this group, and how glad I am to be a part of it. Also making think more about the awesomeness that will be Austin, TX this summer.

Seattle Blogger Meetup... Part 2?

It just so happened that my spring break is this week and I was able to come home, to my favorite city ever, Seattle. It also just so happened that Maggie was also going to be in Seattle with her family that very same weekend. So of course we made plans to meet. And of course it was a blast!
I love being a tourist in my own city, so going up in the Space Needle, climbing on the Fremont Troll, and seeing the city from Gas Works park were great experiences, especially when shared with a fellow blogger.

After getting coffee at one of my favorite little coffee shops (that is actually in what used to be a house) we took some photos like true bloggers, and of course in typical Dillon fashion, I cannot take more than one serious picture before I start goofing off. Let this mark the beginning of a good spring break! (Because lord knows that the rest of my year has not gone swimmingly.)

<<sweater: Nordstrom << flannel: Uniqlo >> watch: Timex << jeans: Levi >> shoes: Clarks >>

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