Day 2: 20 Favoirte Places To Be/Go

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For day two, here is a list of my favorite places to be/go. I can't remember if this was one of the many suggestions provided to me, but regardless I enjoyed writing this. I was overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia at each location, remembering all of the great times spent and how happy I can be with something as each to change as location. Some of these are general places (3,5,9, 13, etc.) and some are specific locations that I just love going to, or being a part of.

So in no particular order....

1. Fauntleroy - The quaint cottages on the waterfront and the eclectic neighborhood shops would be somewhere I could never get tired of.

2. Endolyne Joes - My favorite restaurant. The fact that they change the interior decoration theme and menu to match every three months makes it a new experience each time I visit. (And as a tradition, I take one of my closest friends, Kerina, there from breakfast every year, for the past 3 years.)

3. In the heart of a big city - Feeling the pulsation of life, the greatness of the world, and the smallness of me. The diversity of people, stores, architecture, restaurants. It puts things into perspective, and gives you one of your own.

4. Pike Place market - A smorgasbord of fresh produce, handmade goods, and embodies the daily whimsy of Seattle.

5. A coffee shop - To smell the coffee roasting, enjoying the fact that there will be no interruptions. A place to reflect the weight of the world, and letting it melt off of your shoulders.

6. Antique/thrift shops - You never know the stuff you can find, unless you look. It's like a mini-adventure every time you enter.

7. At my grandma and grandpa's house in Arizona

8. West Seattle - Similar to other locations in the greater Seattle area, there is great food, great little shops, and generally a fun place to be.

9. Bookstores - Who doesn't like being in bookstores

10. Mike and Ben's Apartment - This is the apartment of some teammates on the swim team, and I'm literally welcome to go over whenever I want. Like, if they had a 4th key they'd probably give it to me. Anyways, it's a place I can go to get away from... lots of things. Also, I steal their kitchen space to cook/bake when I go over there.

11. Portland, OR - Literally the most casual location ever. Also, amazing food, and everyone has a tattoo. No jokes.

12. Washington, D.C. -  The amount of history in this city is amazing. Since there are restrictions on building heights in parts of the city it's not an overwhelming location, and full of things to do/see. I went during spring break last year and would love to go back.

13. Libraries - A quiet place surrounded by nothing but books. The best.

14. Ponce, Puerto Rico - I went here on a swim team training trip last fall, and not only is it beautiful and there are sandy beaches and warm ocean water, but culturally it's interesting as well.

15. Faneuil Hall, Boston - Well Boston is fantastic anyways with it's juxtaposition of history and contemporary culture, but specifically Faneuil Hall is a cool center hub that is almost like a giant mall with food, shopping and a  historical context.

16. Wherever I call a place "my room" - Whether it's my home or dorm, the feeling of going to your own private space is a comforting one, especially after a long day of dealing with people. Yeah, people.

17. Dreams Resort (Cancun, Mexico) - I went here on vacation with my family like 5 years ago, but I loved the beaches and all the amazing food and activities available (although it's totally a tourist location in which the city revolves around incoming visitors, and thrives on the wealthy who visit)

18. Anywhere on a beach/near an ocean really.

19. Restaurants that I've never been to - I like going to new restaurants, trying new foods, embracing a different atmosphere and looking at how a place decides to decorate. This usually applies solely to reputable places that wont give me food poisoning....

20. Home.

Have you been to any of these places? Do you like them as much as I do?
Bookish.Spazz said...

Man, this list makes me sad that I didn't go on the Seattle trip!

EVENTUALLY I will visit the awesomeness of that city!

Stacey said...

Wah so many great great places :) I love reading your 20 whatever posts! I can relate to so many of them :D

mayte. said...

endolyne joes!
best pancakes ever (even though I only had like half of one, and you had the rest, but still)

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