Day 6: 20 Favorite Things About Seattle

The rain.

I love the diversity of people.

Evergreen. It's green all the time. There aren't many leaves that fall, or generally lacking plants; it's green all the time everywhere.

A plethora of restaurants. Trying new food is one of my favorite things to do, so the amount of options that are available please me.

It's its own intellectual hub. Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. It has one of the highest populations of college grads, and is the city with the most bookstores in the U.S.

Different towns within a close proximity. It's easy to find a place to be. Whether you're looking for somewhere specific or just looking for a general place, you'll be able to find it within a half an hour. (Most likely.)

I love being in West Seattle.

Going Downtown.

Thrifting in Fremont.

Going to the U-District.

The people are friendly, or at least pretend to be most of the time,

All of the coffee shops.

Eco-friendly, environmentally conscious society, where recycling is common and compost is
'all the rage"

Being surrounded by bodies of water.

The nature. You can go to a national park, there are tons of mountains, and the greenery is beautiful. Having the accessibility to go and hike or go camping is great for the possibilities of adventures.

Eclectic neighborhoods.

Architecturally diverse. I'm not sure why (in the historical context) but every building/house/structure is totally different than the next. You can take a walk in any area and admire all of the different buildings.

The music scene. So much music comes out of Seattle, and a lot of it is relatively unknown. It's a haven for artists and musicians alike where they can cultivate their passion of the arts.

Everything is modern and vintage simultaneously. Like the facades of buildings have a cool glass element with traditional brick, or wood paneling with slate. What people wear, might it be an old suit tailored to a new fit, or a combination of the old and new. The juxtaposition of contemporary culture finds a perfect mix into all of the other eras in the Seattle area.

Abnormality is normality.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Gah. This entire list is why my best friend and I are eventually going to move to Seattle and live in a loft.

maggeygrace said...

The next time you're back in Seattle you should tell me! I love all of these things about Seattle, too. Especially Fremont and the music scene and "abnormality is normality". But wait, I can't make a favorite.

Kayleigh said...

As you know, I am planning to move there. This post made me realize even more why my heart calls me there. Lovely list!

Stacey said...

You're making me miss Seattle more than I already do! :(
Ah one of the best cities ♥♥

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