Dress everyday like you're going to see your worst enemy

I don't have any known enemies, but I do like to think that while I'm back in Seattle I'd like to dress like at any moment I might run into an old friend. So of course, even though I just met up with a close friend for lunch and dropped by my old high school to talk to one of my favorite advisers, I wanted to be dressed to show anyone I might run into that this-is-how-20-year-old-Architecture-students-from-New-York do it.

And as you can gather from my pictures and from the fact that I said I'm back in Seattle, I'm actually home. In retrospect, it doesn't seem like that long. Four months isn't really that long, but I have done so much in those past four months. This past semester I designed my first building. It didn't really seem like such a monumental accomplishment until after it was actually said to me. Professionals get the same amount of time, approximately that I got to do almost what I did. Except I didn't have any design restrictions so my work is... futuristic to say the least. I got chosen as one of the top two students from my section to present in an honor review, which is impressive at our school. (Oh, and we get published by the school of architecture, which looks pretty good on resume's and stuff.) Hopefully soon I'll stop underestimating myself, but in the meantime  I'm still trying to balance athletics, academics, two different social groups, and whatever else might get thrown my way. My tendency to over-analyse doesn't help me out much either.

With that being said, I'm going to make it a point to enjoy this break. It's short (only two weeks for me) so I want to see everyone I want to see, go to a lot of coffee shops, and get back in shape for the swim team training trip I have to go to school for.

 { boots: Lands End Canvas  >> socks: Uniqlo << jeans: Levi 511 >> flannel: Uniqlo << sweater: H&M >> jacket: Banana Republic }

maggeygrace said...

I like your flannel/sweater layering.

I wasn't kidding about the reminding you of your architect destiny of success. Because clearly you're awesome.

Your backyard > mine.

▲my• said...


Congrats on your building design. It's fantastic that you were chosen for the honors thing. You rock.

I miss you, I miss Seattle, I miss that backyard!

Is said...

Congrats on the building! And you look super cool.

(Also is it just me or do you look like Joseph Gordon Levitt in the second picture...?)

Lizzie said...

^ Yes, you do look like JGL in the second picture.

Uh, so, I wish I could design a building. That's pretty darn cool. Also super jealous that you live in Seattle.

Keep on being awesome.

Natalie said...


Except not. But actually.

You've accomplished a lot over this past semester. I'M SO PROUD. I hope you have a fantastic break.

Maggie Shirley said...

Natalie's comment pretty much sums it up. You look fab, Dillon.

Also, you are so cool. Congratulations on your building design! Future Ted Moesby (except hopefully without all of the relationship problems) up in here.

shelbyisms said...

Babe per usual.

I was griping about only getting three weeks! You win.

mayte. said...

you are one stylish mofo. enjoy seattle for me and pet all of the pugs that are there.


Bookish.Spazz said...

Go Dillon!

Super duper awesome about being chosen as a top two!

You are too stylish for me to handle. GAH I WANT TO BURN MY CLOSET. Just kidding.

Stacey said...

Looking good ^^
Congrats on getting through that semester! Sounds like it was really stressful.

Enjoy winter break! hope to run into you sometime hehe.

Shelby said...

Couldn't agree more about dressing like you might run into your enemy! I don't have any known enemies either, but it is a good thing to live by!

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