Day 4: 20 Things I'm Happy I Did

The lovely Nicola suggested that I write a list of things that I am happy that I have done, so it made me think a bit about all the different things I've done, especially the ones I'm really glad about. Since I've had a really stressful weekend it was nice to force myself (that sounds awful, but it's true) to think about all the things that have made me happy. I would elaborate on this list, but time is short and it has not been an easy feat to come up with all of these things for these lists.

If you're curious about any of these, just ask!

1. Went to school at RPI
2. Started club swimming
3. Was a swim coach
4. Started blogging
5. Participated in the International Baccalaureate program at my school
6. Learned to play the saxophone
7. Read a lot of books as a kid
8. Went on a road trip last spring break
9. Decided to go to training trip in Puerto Rico last year
10. Getting into style/fashion
11. Swam across the Puget sound
12. Wrote a song with Honora
13. Performed in a school musical orchestra
14. Met Amy (as a child)
15. Wrote my extended essay on De Stijl
16. Learned basic cooking and baking skills
17. Designed and produced the clothing for my high school swim team my senior year
18. Volunteered to speak on behalf of keeping Evergreen pool open.
19. Got my eyebrow pierced.
20. Went into architecture school.
Maggie Shirley said...


maggeygrace said...

things i'm curious about

-the eyebrow piercing (^^)
-clothing for the high school swim team? like.. tshirts/sweatshirts?
-HOW WAS PUERTO RICO. i'm looking into study abroad programs for next summer and kind of obsessively trying to learn about every country in the world.
- "basic" cooking skills to me are boiling water for pasta and cutting vegetables, so i'm curious about that.
- books you read as a kid (holes sticks out for me as one of my faves. and the bfg. and a long list of others)

Natalie said...


Yay #4! And #11 sounds so exotic.

mayte. said...

what maggie and natalie said!

▲my• said...

:3 I feel honored to be on this list.

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