Day 8: 20 Places I want to go.



Noun: A strong desire to travel: "a man consumed by wanderlust."
 Here I am, sitting in my room, just like I have all day. Doing work on the computer, productive, but not ideal. At moments I let my mind wander, and it takes me to far off places. Most often it takes me to memories, most of which are of cool places with the people I love to be with. Here is a list of places I'd like to go, make memories in, with more people I love.
(in no particular order)

Austin, Texas. Blogger family, you know why.

Paris, France. Something about this place has always drawn me here. I want to go and experience what I envision in my mind to be the place of romance.

France in general. It's a country so full of history (including architectural history) and I feel the urge to explore it.

Italy. Not sure if it's for the food, or the architecture... both equally I think.

The Netherlands. Such a contemporary area where innovation is occurring constantly.

New York City. To be in what we see as the beating heart of America. To witness the grandeur and the experiences such a place must behold. (I wrote this before I actually went, but I need to go again so it's staying on the list.)

San Diego (USD). My best friend goes to school here and she is always sending me pictures of the beach, telling me she just spent a few hours doing her homework out there... in the winter. Weather envy for sure.

Disneyworld. I've been to that place called Disneyland, and it was tons of fun. I'm curious about the one in Florida, and all that it encompasses.

Cape Cod/A beach on the East Coast. I've heard amazing things about East Coast beaches so obviously I need to go to one myself.

London, England. Not only is it an iconic location for anyone, but there is a specific person it would be amazing to see there! Also, accents.

Australia. Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to go to Australia, but then I think it was for the cool animals that live there. Now, in addition to that, I'd love to experience the culture and the difference in location from the U.S.

Sydney, Australia. More specifically, Sydney. Did anyone say awesome architecture? Oh wait, I did.

The Great Barrier Reef. Before it all dies, it's a dream of mine to go scuba diving in the reef. To witness all the different forms of life, in a world so close to ours, yet so distant at the same time.

Hawaii. I've had many a friend travel to Hawaii for a vacation and I can only picture it as a fantastic, relaxing spot. I'm craving relaxation.

MOMA. Museum of Modern Art (New York City). In order to keep up my image as a dilettante, I really need to go here and take in all the art that it has to offer a wide-eyed wanderer like me.

Toronto, Canada. My architecture friends and I have been discussing the possibility of a spring break trip up to Toronto, and although I don't know much about Eastern Canada, I still want to go because it's somewhere new, eh.

A Uniqlo Store. Anastasia told me I need to go here, because when she walked in it immediately reminded her of me. Any place that someone might envision me in a space, I obviously need to go. (Once again, this was written before I went - but now that I've gone I am very pleased that I went.)

Shelby's Apartment (when she gets one.) Because it's Shelby. And her fantastic taste in a place where she determines how it looks. Duh.

The Reitveld Shroder house. I have no idea why, but the conceptual and aesthetic ideals produced in the period of art called De Stijl is my absolute favorite. I need to see this house in person.

Iceland. A long running joke stands behind this one, in which my high school group of friends would drop out of school and move to Iceland and start our own little community. It was weird and awesome and I still want to go.

Any place you would love to go?

maggeygrace said...

Iceland is almost number one on my list.

But you see, I don't actually have a number one because I can't possibly choose a number one.

Also, cape cod. YES. Austrailia is AMAZING. San Diego is a great place.

Add Bali, Indonesia and Thailand and you have a perfect list. ;)

Also, I just want to go to NYC so badly.

maggeygrace said...

Also-- others on my list.

Oregon Coast/Washington Coast.

lina said...

LOVE this list :) well done, dillon. well done.
i'm thinking i want to go to more european countries, especially sweden (being part swedish) & ireland. tokyo. south korea. singapore &/or thailand. new zealand (ever since i saw lotr ;)). & of course austin for the blogger meet-up!

& back to hawaii, england, & france.

Natalie said...

Austin is going to be great. Yay NYC and Uniqlo! And yeah, we really need to go to London with Nicola some day. That is probably the top place on my list. And I'm with Lina on New Zealand thanks to Lord of the Rings. Also I really enjoy that Shelby's Future Apartment is on this.

Bookish.Spazz said...

Excellent list! I'd love to go to most of those places, but I think I just want to take a few years off from everything and backpack around the world visiting museums and meeting cool people. I like the idea of an extended "vacation" adventure.

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