I stole this photo from Nicola. Words can't describe how much love I have for this picture.

Let's disregard my last post. It was good to get out my feelings in words, and after a good night sleep, I woke up refreshed, re-motivated, and with a new mindset. I plan on trying to keep it.
Thank you to all who gave me some words of wisdom, and comfort food for thought.

Yesterday I made the decision to go out to a coffee shop, because, well, I wanted to. I was planning on going by myself, but I was pleasantly joined by Ryan and Kelsey and it honestly made my day. I got a chai tea latte and a pumpkin-carrot cake muffin and it felt like fall. I listened to Maggie's Fall Mix CD and I want her to make a mix for me weekly because her mixes are way too good. Things like this make me realize that I have some awesome friends and shouldn't doubt my closeness to them.

To close off this mini-post, I have a proposition for my followers. In 37 days I will have been alive for two decades. That's right, I'm turning twenty. As a result, I would like to do a sequence of blog posts - 20 posts, on the 20 days before my 20th Birthday, each with a list of 20 things on it. The thing I need help with is choosing topics for each of the days. If you have an idea, or something you would specifically like to hear about/see from me, please comment!

Only if you care to

Week 3

 I waited in this line to get one of their legendary milkshakes. But when I got to the front, they told me they were out of ice cream... I suppose they will remain legendary.

This is what happens when I try to take pictures of everyone in a car together.

Why wouldn't I be matching her?

 Theoretically, I should be finishing that article on the social and cultural constructions of identity in relationship to technology. Or modeling parametric polar geometries as a design method. Or even getting really ahead and drafting another wall system. But I have everything done that I need to for tomorrow. Which is good enough for now.

The past two weeks have mainly consisted of work that I am enjoying for the most part, but it's hard to turn down socializing/having fun/being a normal college student sometimes. I went to the horse racing track on labor day with the swim team, which was a lot of fun. I haven't been to a racetrack in a while. I wanted to bet on one specific horse, BeautifulNightMare (just because of it's name, duh), but I had to leave, so I left my money with my friend* (as seen in photograph 2 throwing a peace sign) to bet. And then my horse scratched. So she bet on another horse, her choice, and it did not win.

It's okay, I only bet a dollar.

I was also worthy of receiving a package from Maggie, and her World-Renowned Fall Mix of 2011 (which I will listen to on the first day of autumn, guaranteed.) Inside was also a card that simply stated "You're A Fox." with a photo of the most dapper fox I have ever seen on it. She took my Honesty post to heart and it was flattering to read it.

In addition, I got all settled into studio, and have an amazing window seat.
Unfortunately, the squirrels outside also have a nice window seat... (see photo 3)

Most recently, our studio got to take a little field trip to a (small, sketchy, rundown) Science Museum located a half an hour east of school. We visited it not because of all of it's amazing features (that was sarcastic), but because it's actually our project for this semester in design studio. We're redesigning the museum. And it's not just like a "yeah we're architects just doing a project," but the dude who's funding the remodel is using us for inspiration. Like there is potential that one of our projects will get built, if not inspire the remodel.

Pretty cool. Really intimidating.

Regardless, the visit was a good time. We explored the minuscule museum, and ventured outside for much more of the time to scout out the grounds. We took lots of pictures, and enjoyed each others company, like always. Oh, and of course we ended the visit in a trip to an ice cream shoppe. Oh, and yes those are my amazing polka dot socks.

*This friend is actually like one of my favorite people ever and we're planning on living in an apartment together next year with some of our other close friends. I can't wait to have my own kitchen.
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