Day 10: 20 Things I look Forwards to in Life

I have definitely fallen behind a few days, but am working to get the days back on track. So, only three days behind (oops), here is the post for day 10. This list was a suggestion from the lovely, British, Nicola.
Things that I look forwards to in life differ on a day to day basis, and the things on this list range from large scale typical western culture desires like starting a family, to small scale things like wanting to grow a mustache. However, I look forwards to the possibilities of these things happening, and whatever else life might behold.

Graduating from college.
Being an architect.
Falling in love.
Having a family.
Owning a home.
Travelling to Europe (eventually).
Being able to see the blogger family every year.
Seeing my sister graduate and go to college.
Living in an apartment.
To have the ability to grow a mustache.
Fulfilling my tattoo cravings.
Going to friends weddings.
Designing homes.
Having a salary (and no student loans).
Spring break adventures.
Nostalgic past friend meet ups (like meeting up with an old friend for coffee to catch up).
No restrictions (and by this I mean at age 21 a lot of restrictions are lifted, mainly so I can go to venues for concerts is what I'm getting at.)
Discovering new places.
When my best friends become family friends (and our kids can have play dates with each other, etc.)
Inevitably, I look forwards to seeing where life takes me.

What are some thing you guys look forwards to?
maggeygrace said...

I like this all.

Maggie Shirley said...

I think you'd look awesome with a mustache. I'm looking forward to that. Also, to see you guys every year. <3

mayte. said...

I hope you grow the coolest fanciest mustache of all time.

your birthday is next week!
(and your gift may be a little late, like second/third week of november)

lina said...

i seriously love this list dillon.

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