Eating: Ritz crackers with dark chocolate peanut butter.

Listening: to Regina Spektor (Samson)

Wishing: That I was back home in Seattle.

Thinking: About everything. My friends and family back home. Christmas shopping (and more importantly planning) that needs to happen. About schoolwork (always). Christmas Blogger Swap. About the fact that I always spend more time doing things that I'm already doing fine at, while not acknowledging those things that I do poorly. About the how thirsty I am from all this peanut butter...

Wanting: A pumpkin spice, or gingerbread latte from Starbucks. A peppermint mocha would suffice. And a pair of navy blue chinos.

Missing: Free time. Doing crafty things (that AREN'T assigned to me). Singing with Honora. Even my little sister.

We're freakin' adorable. And awkward. Prefect. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Preoccupying: Myself with BTA (Building and Thinking of Architecture) homework so that I can do my Calculus tomorrow morning.

Dreaming: About the future, near and far, and what it has in store not only for me, but everybody that I know. (This sounds morbid and like I know something terrifying, but it's mainly things like my swim meet on the first weekend of December, Christmas break, etc.)

Hoping: That Taylor will get back to me soon so that I can buy tickets to go down to NYC during my Thanksgiving Break (since I can't go home).

Seriously Amy, you outdid yourself. It was too adorable to open. Literally, I waited a week before I could open it.

Needing: To write thank you cards for people that sent me stuff for my birthday. (Amy, that package was unbelievable and I thank you and that mug has been used several times already.) To pass all my classes this first semester (calculus is a joke, and my grade reflects how much I'm learning from it... NOTHING.) To fill up my water bottle because I'm even more thirsty since I just ate some dried mango's.

Bidding: You all farewell! Time to be productive and I shall blog again soon.

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