There was a point in my first year of college as an unsuspecting 18-year-old where I saw a 5th-year student and though to myself, "I'm going to be 23 when I graduate from this place!" At the time, it was a mortifying thought; 23 seemed to far away and so old. But last weekend, I did it, I turned 23 and it wasn't that scary. I was able to take off for a long weekend to visit some close friends who graduated a few years ago and now live and work in Syracuse, NY. They showed me around for a spectacular birthday/Halloween weekend.

The geography of New York State will always confuse me, but I do know that we drove to a couple of the Finger Lakes for a beautiful autumnal afternoon. We spent time in one of the more touristy towns, but then drove to a lake house and spent some time in the peace and quiet of the woods.

Afterwards, we grabbed a tasty bite to eat at Pastabilities for my Birthday dinner. Couldn't say no to their homemade pumpkin ravioli! We ate, drank, and then got a bit scary to celebrate Halloween. The bunch of us got different pumpkin costumes and went out on the town as a pumpkin patch! Syracuse has a lot of beautiful old buildings that had been brought back to life and plenty of great food to eat.

Thanks to everyone who made turning 23 much less daunting than I thought it would be 5 years ago. In the upcoming year, a lot of things will happen and I can't wait to share it will all of the amazing people in my life.

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