Day 1: 20 Favorite Smells

Today is the eleventh of October, and in twenty days it will be the thirty first of October. That day not only marks Halloween (yay!) but also my the day in which I turn twenty. Thus, I shall now begin


For day 1 I completed a suggestion from Amy, wanting me to list 20 of my favorite smells.
I used to have a better sense of smell than I do now, and I fear that I may end up like my mom who has lost her sense of smell for the most part. It amazes me how many different scents are produced in the world, and here are just some of my favorites.

1. Rain - I'm such a Seatllite, but I love the smell of rain, especially just as it's starting up.

2. Coffee - I think I like the smell more than the taste a lot of the time.

3. Peppermint - Especially around the holidays, but whenever I catch a whiff of peppermint, the immediacy of its scent overwhelms me, in the most refreshing of ways.

4. Rosemary - Find a rosemary bush. Rub a sprig in between your fingers. Smell. That's all I have to say.

5. Basil - See number 5.

6. Old Spice - Like the deodorant and body wash for men. I like the way it smells.

7. Pine tree - Real pine scent from a real tree, none of that fake stuff you hang on your rear view mirror.

8. Laser cut MDF - Not many people can relate to the love of this smell, but those who do know what I'm talking about will agree with me.

9. Smoke from birthday candles - I don't like smoke, no. But there is something about these candles, not even regular candles, that I just really like getting the slightest smell of.

10. Leather 

11. Lemon zest - And most citrus smells actually. One of those odd sort of sweet-and-sour-confuse-you-senses smells.

12. New book - No explanation necessary.

13. Shaving cream -  I don't particularly like it in my nose, but for some odd reason I like the smell of it.

14. Vanilla - It's comforting and nostalgic to smell vanilla.

15. Baked goods, in the process of being baked

16. Raw fish - This is probably the only really weird one, but I really like the smell of fresh, raw fish. Like the salty, fishy smell, not like how cat food smells or something like that.

17. Chai tea - Just one of those things that smells magical, like you could smell it and it would grant you three wishes. Magical.

18. Marinara sauce

19. Balsamic vinegar

20. Crisp, clean air - Especially after being in a musky room, with no air circulating and you step outside and the wind blows directly into your face and right as you inhale your lungs are filled with this delightfully crisp air.

What are some of yours?
Bookish.Spazz said...

You would love my area of Texas if you like the smell of pine trees, because they're everywhere! My school is even named after them!

I love the smell of a good independent book shop. The smell of piles of books and coffee is simply intoxicating. I have to agree with most of your list though! Those are excellent smells.

mayte. said...

I love the smell of raw fish too!
people always think I'm weird when I say that. also, rosemary. my front yard is pretty much all mint and rosemary and it's heaven.
I love the smell of old books, puppy breath (like new born puppy), the smell of my wardrobe wooden antique thing, it makes my clothes smell old in that good antique way. antique shops, I like the dustiness of them.
I feel like I should do the 20 lists until 20 thing too.

Natalie said...

I love the smell of coffee but it tastes absolutely terrible to me. And obviously baked goods are a must. I enjoy the smell of clean sheets just out of the dryer. And when it sort of smells faintly like burning wood outside when it starts to get cold.

Stacey said...

That was really nice to read :) Especially since I have a stuffy nose right now. Thanks for reminding me of all the great smells out there :D

Lizzie said...

I liked the smell of the pipe smoke from someone's pipe today. It was oddly good.

And I love how you're doing this 20 days countdown thing. So clever!

Take care.

Anastasia said...

petrichor. the smell of the desert blossoming after rain.

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