Day 3: 20 Favorite/Least Favorite things about going to school across the country

I believe it was Maggie who asked for me to answer this one. I placed 10 of my favorite things about going to school in New York down (in no particular order) followed by 10 thing's I dislike about going to school in New York. Some are more college related and others are more actually focusing on being on the opposite side of the country from home.


1. I get to experience the East Coast.

2 .I get to tell people I go to school in New York I have friends from all over this (East) side of the country now. Even if they think that New York City is the same thing as the state of New York.

3. The leaves here change color and fall off, and in the spring there are ones that bloom. That doesn't happen with pine trees.

4. It's like I'm actually independent. Obviously I'm not completely independent as I still go home to my parents for holidays and the summer, and I still rely on them for some monetary needs, but that is besides the point.

5. The states are all really close. Like we had a swim meet in Rhode Island and we stayed in a hotel in Massachusetts. At that point in time, I had not been to either state.

6. I get to experience new places and people.

7. East Coast Prep style. Boat shoes are the best now that I've been introduced to their potential, but I have fun mixing the east coast prep style with my west coast eclecticism.

8. The weather can actually be predicted.

9.  I have friends from all over this (East) side of the country now.

10. The old/antique feel of the buildings.

Least Favorite

11. The fact that a lot of buildings are in fact, old. And thus, falling apart.

12. Not culturally diverse. I miss the diversity of Seattle and all the acceptance of differences that have produced a functioning society.

13. Conservatives. Don't even get me started.

14. The humidity. It is so gross.

15. I can't go home for breaks.

16. I don't have a car. Which I wish I had because a) I like to cook and I don't have an easy way to get to the store b) I like to go and do things (which sounds super broad, but I'm just trying to say that I am unable to leave this town independently) c) I have to rely on others for rides and d) I miss blasting music and singing in my car.

17. The plane rides. Are. So. Long.

18. The 3 hour time difference from the West coast. I have trouble communicating with my friends and family since I'll be up way before they are, or be asleep before they are.

19. My "accent." Apparently I say the words 'bag," "leg," and other words with "a's" and "e's" in the middle. I draw the vowel out and it turns into more of an "aye" sound. Didn't realize that before coming here.

20. Storage/transportation of stuff. It's difficult to continue to transport all of my belongings from place to place ever time I move locations. Especially since I have SO MUCH STUFF.

Are any of you experiencing being far away from home?
Bookish.Spazz said...

Lovely list!

Man, I would hate moving my stuff back and forth. I already told my parents that once I leave, aside from the few boxes of stuff that I want to keep for sentimental purposes, they can either trash or sell all of my things. I have too much stuff.

Also, those conservatives... eek!

Natalie said...

I really like that I've been to some of your favorite places. I wonder what the theme at Endolyne Joe's is right now.

Not having a car is definitely one of the things I've missed most. Blasting music and driving down the back roads. Do you have an accent? I hadn't noticed any strange pronunciations from you.

Stacey said...

Dillon do you pronounce "bag" like how it sounds in "bagel"? I've seen some news clip on how it's a Seattle thing or something.

You think your 3 hour difference is an issue? Hahah I have to deal with 16 hours D:

Maggie Shirley said...


Lizzie said...

Still really liking all these posts. Apologies for being terrible at responding.

This inspires me to write a post about going to school in the midwest with people all from all over the US and world. It is quite awesome.

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