Yesterday I made it to Colorado after 10 hour day of driving. And then I kind of got lost and still didn't have a place to live. You know, casual things. 

I was beat out to several apartments for rent by other people who just happened to get there before me, so that sucked, but as of now I'm staying with the family that owns the firm I'm working for. While an incredibly nice gesture that I'm indebted to them for, I really can't stay with them the entire summer - despite them telling me that I can... 

But hey, I started my first day of work today. And was immediately put to work. I don't really know what I expected. maybe a casual first day where I had time to you know, eat lunch, or whatever. After an hour of learning some basics I was put to work drafting a plan of a custom home. Apparently I came at a really busy time for them, so there will be lots of work to do in the upcoming weeks. It's a good thing I guess. I just need to get in the swing of having an office job.

It's been an overwhelming past three days and I don't think I can feel like I can slow down and rest until I'm NOT living out of my car.

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i think i took this somewhere in Oregon

Day one of travel; 13 hours and 800 miles later I'm in Utah.

My fear of driving long distances by solo was completely irrational, because after today my 9 hours tomorrow will seem like a breeze. I found out that the first hour or so after taking a break is the easiest, and then after that my eyes start to hurt a little. But thank modern technology for creating cruise control because I am NOT consistent with my gas pedal.
The hours were made bearable with a CD I mixed for myself and a book on CD that was 6 hours long (even though it was a pretty bad book with pretty bad narrations it distracted me from the fact I was driving all day.) I also saw, and realized a few things today...

-tumbleweeds are a very real thing that DO tumble across the road without looking both ways before crossing. I hit 2 today and they basically just explode into smaller tumbleweeds
-i wish i had time to stop at some of the more interesting places like anywhere in the wine regions, at one of the fruit/antique 'malls' (just to see what it is) or at that one place marked GUNS AMMO N PAWN because that seems credible
-signs that say "Frequent Blinding Dust Storms Next 19 Miles"do not amuse me
-nor do ones that say "STAY ALERT, STAY ALIVE"
-there was a lot of roadkill. i saw a full deer, multiple cats/raccoon's/squirrels and at one point i think i saw a beaver....
-also a lot of remnants of tires which had exploded on the road
-interesting observation: highway speed limits in Washington are either 60 or 70 mph, in Oregon 65, Idaho is 65 or 75, and Utah is 80
-also i drove by a sign that said "You are now in Mountain Time Zone" so that was kind of weird like 'oh let me change my entire life by an hour at this specific spot in the middle of Oregon'
-the most common large truck i saw today belonged to UPS, followed by Fed Ex, Alberstons, Walmart and Dot (whatever that is)

A Foreword

Tomorrow morning I set out on what I am just now realizing is going to be quite an adventure.
I'm moving to Colorado.

I'm still freaking out about the whole thing which is probably why I'm not convinced it's happening. I've never driven that far - ever. 13 hours the first day (Seattle to Brigham City, Utah) and 9 the next (to Colorado Springs). I think the farthest I've ever driven was the 4 or so hours to Eastern Washington. And even then at least my sister was with me, this time I'm ridin' solo.
Also, I still don't have a set place to live. So that's not sitting well with me as someone who likes to plan weeks in advance for everything. I have a few leads but nothing solidified so that's probably another reason this doesn't really feel "real" yet.
But I have a paid internship at an architecture firm. That was the goal wasn't it? (Reference: Year of the Internship) None of this is how I imagined it going but I'm realistically optimistic optimistic that it will all work out. Well, at least I'm trying not to be pessimistic.

I will should have more time this summer to blog, and hopefully there is lots to blog about! Working full time is not something I have ever done (Reference: my all-consuming summer job of years past) so I will have regular hours and can find a rhythm for myself in the new environment. Whatever that might end up being.

Adventure awaits!

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