Day 14: 20 songs

If you've ever received a mix CD from me, you generally know what I like to listen to. However, there is quite a bit of diversity on in my library, including classical, jazz, musical soundtracks, and even a little rap and country (both of which I claim to hate). Here's just a brief introduction to my musical inclinations, as seen through the first 20 songs to go through my shuffle.
Islands - Young The Giant
All At Once - The Airborne Toxic Event
5 Years Time - Noah & The Whale
I Wanna Be The One - fun.
Swallowed In The Sea - Coldplay
Dive In - Jennifer Knapp - 103.7 The Mountain 2010
The Best of Times -Sage Francis
Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillat
Where Do My Bluebirds Fly - The Tallest Man On Earth
Skeleton Key - Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Amy's Halloween Mix
Messages - Xavier Rudd
The Schmuel Song - The Last Five Years (Soundtrack)
Thousand Ways - The Tallest Man On Earth
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) - Florence + The Machine
Ladder To The Sun (Live) - Coldplay - CD Swap '11 (Maggie Rake Mix)
How to Save a Life - The Fray How to Save a Life
Disenchantment - My Chemical Romance
The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script
The Planets, Op. 32: VI. Uranus, the Magician - London Symphony Orchestra-  Holst: The Planets
Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

Day 13: 20 Things I've learned since being in College

So now that I've been in college for over a year, I can look back and I've realized that I have learned a lot. Not only academically, but I've learned a lot about people, different ways of living, and myself. It's amazing what moving across the country and attending school for a subject you've never pursued before can do to a person, but more so, teach to a person. So here's just a few things that I've learned...

First, and foremost, I've learned how much I enjoy "doing things". Any time I have an opportunity to leave my room/campus to do something, whether it be making my favorite banana bread at my friends' apartment, or going into the town surrounding my campus, I will take it. Not everyone actually likes "doing things" which I am astounded by, but more for me I suppose.

Always set an alarm. Or multiple. Waking up is hard, especially when you're getting minimal amounts of sleep.

I get really grouchy and unfocused if I don't eat. Which I need to do a lot because a) my metabolism is really fast b) I have at least one swim practice a day on any given day c) when I get stressed by metabolism speeds up, so I stress eat.

I've learned people are actually pretty reasonable if you ask for a favor, because it is likely that they were in the same position at some point in time.

I now know that a lot of the large words that architects use in conversation, or in describing something although sound made up, are not. For example, gestulation, elasticate, statical, processuality, and documentate are all words I've heard a professor say, and legitimately thought they were making words up.

I now understand how foundation, masonry structures, steel and timber framing, and exterior cladding works in a structure.

It's hard to please everyone, and I now know it's most important to at least try and please yourself.

I've come to realize that the people you surround yourself with are extremely important. For your sanity, for resources, for help, for laughs, for fun. For everything.

Music is amazing. I mean, I already knew this but I definitely have a new appreciation for music and the way it can preoccupy your mind when you'd rather not be up at 4 am doing work.

I've learned how to use lots of different programs since being here, such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, Rhino, Maya, and a few more. I guess that's what a Polytechnic Institute will do to you.

I've learned to pack light, and I can definitely refine my packing skills even more.

Organization is vital. Of physical space (since these dang dorm rooms are just so small) and of time (and my time management skills are decent, but sometimes I loose track of time, or get caught up in an assignment/activity.)

I've come to realize how much I love the Pacific Northwest.

Also, since deciding to attend school in New York I not only enjoy travelling, but I have now come to the realization that I really enjoy (planned) adventures, especially if they are in new, different places.

Similarly, I've learned the importance of bringing things to do whilst travelling. Books are good.

There are some things that you just need to take care of by yourself, but at the same time there are some things you just can't do alone - and I've just started to figure out when those times are.

Always have a pen on you. I now know that you never know when you might need to write something down.

I thought that I would talk to more people from high school, but I don't and I've realized that I don't really want to.

I've learned that architecture is all about the process, and if the process is good, a good result will come of it.

I think it's always been this way, but being in college has made me realize that the way in which I prioritize things is very important to my productivity level. Things that drop down on my priority levels (which really shouldn't) will take a very long time for me to get to. For example, I've been meaning to wash my water bottles now for about a month. I have no idea as to why I keep putting that off, but silly little things like that will go uncompleted for far too long.

Day 12: 20 Pictures taken on my phone

Whenever I can, I try to have my camera on me to take photos, whenever an opportunity may arise. But sometimes I decide not to take my camera somewhere, then I just have the urge to photograph something and as my phone is always on me, I take it with the (very bad) camera on my phone. So for this post, here are 20 photos taken from my phones camera. It's a little bit more insight to the arbitrary things I feel as if I need to capture - that's what a photo is to me, a permanent memory.
(In order from most recent to this past summer...)

Giant delicious cinnamon roll and chai tea latte on my weekend coffee date

We went apple picking and we ran into these two guys matching... (actually they're two guys on my swim team and they decided to match - which I found hilarious)

Brown boat shoes, mustard socks, and olive green corduroy? Just because it doesn't match doesn't mean I wont try.

Shameless outfit picture. Love this flannel from Uniqlo

Found this in the freshman architecture studio....

Card from Maggie

My campus on a nice day

One of the last days of summer spent out on the lake

The only time my name has been spelled correctly on a Starbucks order

Dinner date with my best friends before leaving for our second year of college, at yes, Flying Squirrel Pizza.

What's cuter than a puppy on a slide?

Flowers at a farmers market

The only type of soda I like - Birch Beer

Banners like this are awesome.

I also have a thing for vintage clocks.

And GIANT kitchen tools.

I made a graduation card for my friend Eva by drawing each of the dresses she wore to graduation events. You too could receive a personalized graduation card if you're as awesome as Eva. 

Another shameless outfit picture. This is my favorite flannel, and favorite raincoat...

Someone was celebrating something, somewhere...

My friends Erica (above), Kristy, and I call ourselves the three musketeers. They're pretty much the only people from high school I still talk to on a regular basis.

Day 11: 20 Fantastic Things

This here is a rather arbitrary list of a few things that I find to be, for lack of a better term, fantastic. For whatever reason that may be, each of these things is awesome for one reason or another. Lately I've been trying to enjoy and embrace more of the happenings that go on around me, rather than burying myself in work. As we approach the Holiday season, we begin to approach a lot of events.  Currently, I'm excited for all of the Halloween events I have lined up - and excited to dress up for them! The rest are either things that I've been doing recently, or things that I would love to own.

1. The new Mumford & Sons Album
2. A Pastry Affair
3. Having lunch in Upstate New York with my favorite English teacher
4. Dressing up (all fancy and whatnot)
5. Halloween
6. These Florsheim boots
7. The fact that Uniqlo is now an online store
8. This book titled Forever the New Tattoo
9. Coffee dates at Spillin' the Beans with Ryan and Kelsey
10. Being invited to dinners with the Dean of the School of Architecture
11. Socks with patterns
12. Bananas with Nutella as a late night snack
13. This belt, even if it is for equestrians
14. Mix CD's
15. Masquerades
16. Going to bed, and knowing your alarm clock wont go off in the morning
17. Salted Caramel Mocha's from Starbucks
18. This plaid shirt from J.Crew
19. Driving by yourself and singing loudly
20. Literary effects

Day 10: 20 Things I look Forwards to in Life

I have definitely fallen behind a few days, but am working to get the days back on track. So, only three days behind (oops), here is the post for day 10. This list was a suggestion from the lovely, British, Nicola.
Things that I look forwards to in life differ on a day to day basis, and the things on this list range from large scale typical western culture desires like starting a family, to small scale things like wanting to grow a mustache. However, I look forwards to the possibilities of these things happening, and whatever else life might behold.

Graduating from college.
Being an architect.
Falling in love.
Having a family.
Owning a home.
Travelling to Europe (eventually).
Being able to see the blogger family every year.
Seeing my sister graduate and go to college.
Living in an apartment.
To have the ability to grow a mustache.
Fulfilling my tattoo cravings.
Going to friends weddings.
Designing homes.
Having a salary (and no student loans).
Spring break adventures.
Nostalgic past friend meet ups (like meeting up with an old friend for coffee to catch up).
No restrictions (and by this I mean at age 21 a lot of restrictions are lifted, mainly so I can go to venues for concerts is what I'm getting at.)
Discovering new places.
When my best friends become family friends (and our kids can have play dates with each other, etc.)
Inevitably, I look forwards to seeing where life takes me.

What are some thing you guys look forwards to?

Day 9: 20 Reasons I'm Excited to have an apartment

It's already official; I have an apartment for next year. The lease has been signed and a security deposit has been paid. I will be living in a 2 story apartment - each floor has 3 bedrooms, a decent sized living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc - anything a normal apartment might have. Needless to say I'm excited and of course I has to make a list of why.

1. I get to have a place that is all my own. And by that I mean it's not a stupid dorm.
2. The big bedroom. The bedrooms are so big. Like twice the size of where I'm currently living.
3. My own bedroom. No more sharing with Forrest. (Yes, my roommate's name is Forrest.)
4. My own kitchen. I no longer will need to leave my living space if I need a kitchen.
5. Everything I might need is in the apartment (as opposed to having to leave my room for something).
6. A living room. To live in.
7. Being able to bake when I want to bake. This actually thrills me.
8. Being able to alter my own room. Like hanging stuff on the wall and furniture and maybe (hopefully) paint.
9. Furniture shopping. I obviously wont have any existing furniture to take, so I will need to go get stuff, and I love looking for furniture.
10. Getting my own dishware/glassware/silverware.
11. It is just as close to campus as a dorm. Bonus.
12. It will be super close to my architecture friends' house. I can see their house from my back window. I plan on putting in a zip line from my back patio to their front porch. (Realistic? Totally.)
13. I can host events.
14. Like dinner parties.
15. And cocktail parties (when I'm of age of course.)
16. Living with Ellen and Marissa. Yes, I am living with two girls, but it will be just fine.
17. There is a spare room that we can convert into a guest room and have people visit.
18. It's somewhere to store all of my stuff when I'm not there. (See issue number 20 of day 3)
19. Experimenting with interior design. I get to try and recreate my aesthetics in the real world! No more daydreaming for me.
20. It will be the same place for at least 2 years. Another bonus.

Here are some of my inspiration photos. I doubt my space will look like this, but I would be unbelievably happy if it did.


Day 8: 20 Places I want to go.



Noun: A strong desire to travel: "a man consumed by wanderlust."
 Here I am, sitting in my room, just like I have all day. Doing work on the computer, productive, but not ideal. At moments I let my mind wander, and it takes me to far off places. Most often it takes me to memories, most of which are of cool places with the people I love to be with. Here is a list of places I'd like to go, make memories in, with more people I love.
(in no particular order)

Austin, Texas. Blogger family, you know why.

Paris, France. Something about this place has always drawn me here. I want to go and experience what I envision in my mind to be the place of romance.

France in general. It's a country so full of history (including architectural history) and I feel the urge to explore it.

Italy. Not sure if it's for the food, or the architecture... both equally I think.

The Netherlands. Such a contemporary area where innovation is occurring constantly.

New York City. To be in what we see as the beating heart of America. To witness the grandeur and the experiences such a place must behold. (I wrote this before I actually went, but I need to go again so it's staying on the list.)

San Diego (USD). My best friend goes to school here and she is always sending me pictures of the beach, telling me she just spent a few hours doing her homework out there... in the winter. Weather envy for sure.

Disneyworld. I've been to that place called Disneyland, and it was tons of fun. I'm curious about the one in Florida, and all that it encompasses.

Cape Cod/A beach on the East Coast. I've heard amazing things about East Coast beaches so obviously I need to go to one myself.

London, England. Not only is it an iconic location for anyone, but there is a specific person it would be amazing to see there! Also, accents.

Australia. Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to go to Australia, but then I think it was for the cool animals that live there. Now, in addition to that, I'd love to experience the culture and the difference in location from the U.S.

Sydney, Australia. More specifically, Sydney. Did anyone say awesome architecture? Oh wait, I did.

The Great Barrier Reef. Before it all dies, it's a dream of mine to go scuba diving in the reef. To witness all the different forms of life, in a world so close to ours, yet so distant at the same time.

Hawaii. I've had many a friend travel to Hawaii for a vacation and I can only picture it as a fantastic, relaxing spot. I'm craving relaxation.

MOMA. Museum of Modern Art (New York City). In order to keep up my image as a dilettante, I really need to go here and take in all the art that it has to offer a wide-eyed wanderer like me.

Toronto, Canada. My architecture friends and I have been discussing the possibility of a spring break trip up to Toronto, and although I don't know much about Eastern Canada, I still want to go because it's somewhere new, eh.

A Uniqlo Store. Anastasia told me I need to go here, because when she walked in it immediately reminded her of me. Any place that someone might envision me in a space, I obviously need to go. (Once again, this was written before I went - but now that I've gone I am very pleased that I went.)

Shelby's Apartment (when she gets one.) Because it's Shelby. And her fantastic taste in a place where she determines how it looks. Duh.

The Reitveld Shroder house. I have no idea why, but the conceptual and aesthetic ideals produced in the period of art called De Stijl is my absolute favorite. I need to see this house in person.

Iceland. A long running joke stands behind this one, in which my high school group of friends would drop out of school and move to Iceland and start our own little community. It was weird and awesome and I still want to go.

Any place you would love to go?

Day 7: 20 Reasons I Want to be an Architect

This topic was most definitely a suggestion, and it was a really good one. I knew I wanted to go into architecture, but it had to have sprouted from some sort of passion, and doing this list allowed me to reflect on what those were specifically.
At the end enjoy the pictures of what kinds of projects I've done in Architecture school so far!

1. I want to build houses.

2. It makes the beautiful practical, and thus inhabitable. At a young age I thought I wanted to be an artist, but a) I really wasn't that great at representation through drawing and b) I quickly found out that there wasn't a clear path to getting a job. Since I have to plan everything, leaving the unknown up to chance, and not up to myself.

3. I want to use it as a method in which to personalize a space. Aesthetically demonstrating your personality is a fantastic concept that I believe everyone should be able to have.

4. You produce something physical. Starting with literally nothing, and building your way up, producing physical and visual "things" (for back of better terms) is an amazing feeling once achieved.

5. It serves a purpose within society. Like, you need somewhere to live. Let me make that somewhere for you.

6. I'm passionate about design.

7. I get excited learning about really obscure aspects of architecture. Like concrete and brick mortar designs, new developments of futuristic architecture, and so on.

8. Buildings, in general, fascinate me. They're a bunch of little pieces that you put together in a like a puzzle - except that there isn't just one way to do it.

9. It is a field that combines the things that I'm generally decent at

10. The history of art and architecture is amazing. Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, Bauhaus, De Stijl, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Parametricism, and so much more, all with individual characteristics, all linked together in some way.

11. So is the theory that goes behind it. It's like the sociology of buildings.

12. You can use logical processes for schematic design. Especially for me, during the schematic design process I need to have a reasoning for producing what I'm producing.

13. It's a relatively individualized field. Like I can technically be my own boss.Technically.

14. I think that people should love where they live, and I want to help produce that love.

15. I really can't get bored of it. It's an ever changing field, and an ever changing clientele that will challenge designs to make them for the individual.

16. The creative problem solving that goes into structure and design is challenging and interesting.

17. Analysis of buildings is fun. At least I think so.

18. It is the field in which you know nothing about everything. Or at least that's what they say...

19. As an architect, you are also a part of the interior design and landscape design process. WHICH I ALSO THOROUGHLY ENJOY.

20. Inevitably, an architect is what they make of themself.

I'm experimenting with buckling conditions in columns

Final model first semester of freshman year. (This was supposed to be on Mars...)

For our Materials & Design final we did an analysis of the movement of the human body

In order to producing this structure. Considering architecture as a "third skin"

My most recent project (still a work in progress) in which we analysed light, so I made sin waves and used them as a generative process, thus producing these volumetric modules.

Day 6: 20 Favorite Things About Seattle

The rain.

I love the diversity of people.

Evergreen. It's green all the time. There aren't many leaves that fall, or generally lacking plants; it's green all the time everywhere.

A plethora of restaurants. Trying new food is one of my favorite things to do, so the amount of options that are available please me.

It's its own intellectual hub. Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. It has one of the highest populations of college grads, and is the city with the most bookstores in the U.S.

Different towns within a close proximity. It's easy to find a place to be. Whether you're looking for somewhere specific or just looking for a general place, you'll be able to find it within a half an hour. (Most likely.)

I love being in West Seattle.

Going Downtown.

Thrifting in Fremont.

Going to the U-District.

The people are friendly, or at least pretend to be most of the time,

All of the coffee shops.

Eco-friendly, environmentally conscious society, where recycling is common and compost is
'all the rage"

Being surrounded by bodies of water.

The nature. You can go to a national park, there are tons of mountains, and the greenery is beautiful. Having the accessibility to go and hike or go camping is great for the possibilities of adventures.

Eclectic neighborhoods.

Architecturally diverse. I'm not sure why (in the historical context) but every building/house/structure is totally different than the next. You can take a walk in any area and admire all of the different buildings.

The music scene. So much music comes out of Seattle, and a lot of it is relatively unknown. It's a haven for artists and musicians alike where they can cultivate their passion of the arts.

Everything is modern and vintage simultaneously. Like the facades of buildings have a cool glass element with traditional brick, or wood paneling with slate. What people wear, might it be an old suit tailored to a new fit, or a combination of the old and new. The juxtaposition of contemporary culture finds a perfect mix into all of the other eras in the Seattle area.

Abnormality is normality.

Day 5: An elaboration on Day 4.

So a few things have already gone awry with my series of posts (like this is supposed to be day six, and this post isn't even a list of 20 things) but I'll make up for it soon. This past weekend was, to put it lightly, awful, so time was scarce.

Anyways, it seemed like a few people were curious about some of the things I've done so let me explain them.

#11 - Swam across the Puget Sound. In my local area, there is a well known family in which all of their children were swimmers at my high school (before I attended.) Well, one of the sons died in a car crash so one of his friends set up a memorial foundation in which every summer he would organize a 2.3 mile swim across part of the Puget Sound. All of the funds raised go towards swim lesson programs in our community. Not only was it my only open water swimming experience and I was freaking out the entire time, but I somehow managed to be one of the all-time fastest finishers.

#16 - Basic cooking skills. By this I am not implying that all I can do is boil water and toast bread. I mean that I most technical skills needed for cooking almost whatever I want. I really enjoy trying new recipes, and following someone else’s instruction is sometimes easier than just guessing. Although experiments occasionally lead to delicious things...

#17 - Designed and produced clothes for my high school swim team. My senior year of high school I was a captain for our swim team. Overall I extremely disliked it because the coach was passive aggressive, condescending, and doesn't even know how to swim, while none of the other captains did anything (they literally did nothing.) BUT one of the duties I took on was team gear. So I had the freedom to design the sweatshirts, sweatpants, tee shirts, etc. that the entire team was to order. I learned how to correspond with a manufacturer and eventually my graphic designs were being worn by the entire team. It was pretty cool.

#19 - Getting my eyebrow pierced. It was one of those arbitrary spur-of-the-moment things. One of my close friends had mentioned that I could probably pull off an eyebrow piercing. So in a state of spontaneity, (it was April 1st mind you) I asked my parents if I could go get my eyebrow pierced. They thought I was joking and agreed to it. So i drove off to the mall and met my friend there, and I got my eyebrow pierced. I only had it in for about a month and a half, because I took it out for prom and it sealed over when I tried to put it back in. It was cool while it lasted, but it also made my eye twitch a lot because I could see it out of the corner of my eye and my body assumed there was something in it. Since then I have thought about other piercings, but I don't think my face is one for putting holes into. I've been thinking about small gages (like really small) but all of my East coast friends said that they'd disown me.

This is the only picture where you can actually tell there is actually a piercing, so
just accept what it is.

Day 4: 20 Things I'm Happy I Did

The lovely Nicola suggested that I write a list of things that I am happy that I have done, so it made me think a bit about all the different things I've done, especially the ones I'm really glad about. Since I've had a really stressful weekend it was nice to force myself (that sounds awful, but it's true) to think about all the things that have made me happy. I would elaborate on this list, but time is short and it has not been an easy feat to come up with all of these things for these lists.

If you're curious about any of these, just ask!

1. Went to school at RPI
2. Started club swimming
3. Was a swim coach
4. Started blogging
5. Participated in the International Baccalaureate program at my school
6. Learned to play the saxophone
7. Read a lot of books as a kid
8. Went on a road trip last spring break
9. Decided to go to training trip in Puerto Rico last year
10. Getting into style/fashion
11. Swam across the Puget sound
12. Wrote a song with Honora
13. Performed in a school musical orchestra
14. Met Amy (as a child)
15. Wrote my extended essay on De Stijl
16. Learned basic cooking and baking skills
17. Designed and produced the clothing for my high school swim team my senior year
18. Volunteered to speak on behalf of keeping Evergreen pool open.
19. Got my eyebrow pierced.
20. Went into architecture school.

Day 3: 20 Favorite/Least Favorite things about going to school across the country

I believe it was Maggie who asked for me to answer this one. I placed 10 of my favorite things about going to school in New York down (in no particular order) followed by 10 thing's I dislike about going to school in New York. Some are more college related and others are more actually focusing on being on the opposite side of the country from home.


1. I get to experience the East Coast.

2 .I get to tell people I go to school in New York I have friends from all over this (East) side of the country now. Even if they think that New York City is the same thing as the state of New York.

3. The leaves here change color and fall off, and in the spring there are ones that bloom. That doesn't happen with pine trees.

4. It's like I'm actually independent. Obviously I'm not completely independent as I still go home to my parents for holidays and the summer, and I still rely on them for some monetary needs, but that is besides the point.

5. The states are all really close. Like we had a swim meet in Rhode Island and we stayed in a hotel in Massachusetts. At that point in time, I had not been to either state.

6. I get to experience new places and people.

7. East Coast Prep style. Boat shoes are the best now that I've been introduced to their potential, but I have fun mixing the east coast prep style with my west coast eclecticism.

8. The weather can actually be predicted.

9.  I have friends from all over this (East) side of the country now.

10. The old/antique feel of the buildings.

Least Favorite

11. The fact that a lot of buildings are in fact, old. And thus, falling apart.

12. Not culturally diverse. I miss the diversity of Seattle and all the acceptance of differences that have produced a functioning society.

13. Conservatives. Don't even get me started.

14. The humidity. It is so gross.

15. I can't go home for breaks.

16. I don't have a car. Which I wish I had because a) I like to cook and I don't have an easy way to get to the store b) I like to go and do things (which sounds super broad, but I'm just trying to say that I am unable to leave this town independently) c) I have to rely on others for rides and d) I miss blasting music and singing in my car.

17. The plane rides. Are. So. Long.

18. The 3 hour time difference from the West coast. I have trouble communicating with my friends and family since I'll be up way before they are, or be asleep before they are.

19. My "accent." Apparently I say the words 'bag," "leg," and other words with "a's" and "e's" in the middle. I draw the vowel out and it turns into more of an "aye" sound. Didn't realize that before coming here.

20. Storage/transportation of stuff. It's difficult to continue to transport all of my belongings from place to place ever time I move locations. Especially since I have SO MUCH STUFF.

Are any of you experiencing being far away from home?

Day 2: 20 Favoirte Places To Be/Go

 Location #11 (source)
Location #15 (source)
Location #2 (source)

For day two, here is a list of my favorite places to be/go. I can't remember if this was one of the many suggestions provided to me, but regardless I enjoyed writing this. I was overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia at each location, remembering all of the great times spent and how happy I can be with something as each to change as location. Some of these are general places (3,5,9, 13, etc.) and some are specific locations that I just love going to, or being a part of.

So in no particular order....

1. Fauntleroy - The quaint cottages on the waterfront and the eclectic neighborhood shops would be somewhere I could never get tired of.

2. Endolyne Joes - My favorite restaurant. The fact that they change the interior decoration theme and menu to match every three months makes it a new experience each time I visit. (And as a tradition, I take one of my closest friends, Kerina, there from breakfast every year, for the past 3 years.)

3. In the heart of a big city - Feeling the pulsation of life, the greatness of the world, and the smallness of me. The diversity of people, stores, architecture, restaurants. It puts things into perspective, and gives you one of your own.

4. Pike Place market - A smorgasbord of fresh produce, handmade goods, and embodies the daily whimsy of Seattle.

5. A coffee shop - To smell the coffee roasting, enjoying the fact that there will be no interruptions. A place to reflect the weight of the world, and letting it melt off of your shoulders.

6. Antique/thrift shops - You never know the stuff you can find, unless you look. It's like a mini-adventure every time you enter.

7. At my grandma and grandpa's house in Arizona

8. West Seattle - Similar to other locations in the greater Seattle area, there is great food, great little shops, and generally a fun place to be.

9. Bookstores - Who doesn't like being in bookstores

10. Mike and Ben's Apartment - This is the apartment of some teammates on the swim team, and I'm literally welcome to go over whenever I want. Like, if they had a 4th key they'd probably give it to me. Anyways, it's a place I can go to get away from... lots of things. Also, I steal their kitchen space to cook/bake when I go over there.

11. Portland, OR - Literally the most casual location ever. Also, amazing food, and everyone has a tattoo. No jokes.

12. Washington, D.C. -  The amount of history in this city is amazing. Since there are restrictions on building heights in parts of the city it's not an overwhelming location, and full of things to do/see. I went during spring break last year and would love to go back.

13. Libraries - A quiet place surrounded by nothing but books. The best.

14. Ponce, Puerto Rico - I went here on a swim team training trip last fall, and not only is it beautiful and there are sandy beaches and warm ocean water, but culturally it's interesting as well.

15. Faneuil Hall, Boston - Well Boston is fantastic anyways with it's juxtaposition of history and contemporary culture, but specifically Faneuil Hall is a cool center hub that is almost like a giant mall with food, shopping and a  historical context.

16. Wherever I call a place "my room" - Whether it's my home or dorm, the feeling of going to your own private space is a comforting one, especially after a long day of dealing with people. Yeah, people.

17. Dreams Resort (Cancun, Mexico) - I went here on vacation with my family like 5 years ago, but I loved the beaches and all the amazing food and activities available (although it's totally a tourist location in which the city revolves around incoming visitors, and thrives on the wealthy who visit)

18. Anywhere on a beach/near an ocean really.

19. Restaurants that I've never been to - I like going to new restaurants, trying new foods, embracing a different atmosphere and looking at how a place decides to decorate. This usually applies solely to reputable places that wont give me food poisoning....

20. Home.

Have you been to any of these places? Do you like them as much as I do?

Day 1: 20 Favorite Smells

Today is the eleventh of October, and in twenty days it will be the thirty first of October. That day not only marks Halloween (yay!) but also my the day in which I turn twenty. Thus, I shall now begin


For day 1 I completed a suggestion from Amy, wanting me to list 20 of my favorite smells.
I used to have a better sense of smell than I do now, and I fear that I may end up like my mom who has lost her sense of smell for the most part. It amazes me how many different scents are produced in the world, and here are just some of my favorites.

1. Rain - I'm such a Seatllite, but I love the smell of rain, especially just as it's starting up.

2. Coffee - I think I like the smell more than the taste a lot of the time.

3. Peppermint - Especially around the holidays, but whenever I catch a whiff of peppermint, the immediacy of its scent overwhelms me, in the most refreshing of ways.

4. Rosemary - Find a rosemary bush. Rub a sprig in between your fingers. Smell. That's all I have to say.

5. Basil - See number 5.

6. Old Spice - Like the deodorant and body wash for men. I like the way it smells.

7. Pine tree - Real pine scent from a real tree, none of that fake stuff you hang on your rear view mirror.

8. Laser cut MDF - Not many people can relate to the love of this smell, but those who do know what I'm talking about will agree with me.

9. Smoke from birthday candles - I don't like smoke, no. But there is something about these candles, not even regular candles, that I just really like getting the slightest smell of.

10. Leather 

11. Lemon zest - And most citrus smells actually. One of those odd sort of sweet-and-sour-confuse-you-senses smells.

12. New book - No explanation necessary.

13. Shaving cream -  I don't particularly like it in my nose, but for some odd reason I like the smell of it.

14. Vanilla - It's comforting and nostalgic to smell vanilla.

15. Baked goods, in the process of being baked

16. Raw fish - This is probably the only really weird one, but I really like the smell of fresh, raw fish. Like the salty, fishy smell, not like how cat food smells or something like that.

17. Chai tea - Just one of those things that smells magical, like you could smell it and it would grant you three wishes. Magical.

18. Marinara sauce

19. Balsamic vinegar

20. Crisp, clean air - Especially after being in a musky room, with no air circulating and you step outside and the wind blows directly into your face and right as you inhale your lungs are filled with this delightfully crisp air.

What are some of yours?

A little bit of NYC lovin'

A few weeks ago, I realized I had a three day weekend (school off on Monday for Columbus Day, which I never celebrated at home...) and knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to New York City.
I've been meaning, well more like lusting, to go ever since coming to the East Coast. So I contacted Natalie, who is only going to school an hour away from me, and Anastasia, who lives in the city and started planning. I needed this to happen. I needed an adventure, and I definitely got one. 


It was just an awesome day. Hanging out with Natalie, and meeting Anastasia who is, quite frankly, awesome. She took us all around, even though it was raining all day, to fancy doughnut shops, all throughout the subway, to central park and time square. To SoHo, and thus Uniqlo (where I could hardly contain my giddy). To a cafe called cafe cafe cafe cafe, and around to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant. And she baked us pumpkin cupcakes.

It was just an awesome day.
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