Providence, RI

While I can't know for sure that I won't ever live on the East Coast again, after this last year in college it isn't something that I'm planning on doing. This means that I need to try and experience as much of it as possible before I go! Providence, Rhode Island has been on my hypothetical bucket list (maybe I should make an actual list...) of cities to visit and last week I was able to spend a day there. I have a tendency to fall in love with cities that on the water and Providence was no difference. It was a cool, creative area that had a lot of restaurants and coffee shops -I had my first cortado at their Blue State Coffee- and venues for music and art. One of my good friends and college roommates now works and lives here which means I'll be back soon for a more thorough trip.

The original purpose for going to Providence was to see the above building located on the Brown University campus. For a course I'm taking, myself and a group are researching a nearby contemporary building and the Center for Creative arts designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro was a good choice. It was a beautiful, well-used building that uses a lot of new techniques in design and construction. With clear influences from the firms background in collaboration with theater design as well as their interests in making everyday life into a more performance, the sectional split of the building creates interior spaces that allow rooms to peer into each other. While I could go on about the design for much longer, I'll stop here.

I'm currently on a train headed up to Syracuse, NY where I will be spending Halloween and my Birthday, so I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend as much as I am planning to!


When most people think of New York, they think of New York City - which is the island of Manhattan. New York is actually one of the largest states, so when I say I upstate that could mean anywhere between 1 and 8 hours of driving time from the city. For example, Troy is 3 hours upstate. However, this weekend I went just a bit further upstate to Johnstown to spend a weekend away with a very specific group of friends. When I started college over 4 years ago I was on the swim team, there also happened to be 3 other architects on the team and the four of us immediately bonded. We re-connected for the first time in a couple of years and had an amazing time. 

Being up near the Adirondacks, we took advantage of the foliage turning colors and took a short hike up to a fire tower. We were all severely unprepared for the snow that decided to barrage us the entire hike, which made it that much more fun. We caught up and admired the scenery while trekking up to the lookout point. On the way back from the hike we drove past an abandoned amusement park that we had to stop at. Upon first glance all we saw was the Ferris wheel, but when we got there we discovered this beautiful carousel too. 

All images courtesy of Rebecca Exley, thanks for letting me use your photos! 

There were so many beautiful, old, abandoned buildings around that we could have explored if it weren't for the early setting autumn sun. It was an enlightening weekend full of deep conversations that only long term friends have, and I can't wait until we can get together again for more adventures!


That's right, tickets have been bought to fly to Austin, Texas in March!

What started off as a joke turned into a series of well-timed coincidences (oh, Natalie, our Spring Breaks are the same week? Maggie, we can stay with you?) and an insanely inexpensive plane ticket was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Since this is my last year in college and next summer will be a hectic time -moving, getting a job, etc- I don't plan on being able to attend a blogger meetup this summer like I have in the past. Rather, I'm going to take a few individual trips to compensate.

For those of you who don't know, I have a light enough course load that I took a job working part time at a small architecture firm nearby. This means that I have an income, and what I don't allocate for student loans, I'm saving up for a trip I would like to take to...



Not only is it a beautiful place with fantastic architecture, but there are also a handful of bloggers that I hope to visit. The lovely Nicola would be first on my list. Having met this creative soul in various location in the United States, I think it's time for me to go across the pond for her! She has introduced me (digitally) to her beaux, David, and Tom (also known as the illustrator foxesandcats) who I need to meet. Mat and Nik over at Buckets and Spades have been so friendly that maybe they'd like to meet up as well. While this is all still in the works, I'm very excited about the prospects of my first international travels! 


Mostly because I forgot one thing and then kept running across new things that I enjoyed...

My initial forgetfulness was in reference to Men In This Town, the magazine. I've been following the photography taken for this publication on social media for a while now, and I bet the content is just as great in taste as the street style that is captured on film. 

While listening to Rock is the New Food, a podcast recommended to me by a fellow food and music lover, there was an episode that interviews the publisher of this magazine, Lucky Peach. Amazing graphics and its content is food? Yes, please. 

Okay, that's all for now. Only 19 days until I turn 23!


Last weekend was my schools annual Alumni Weekend, and a close friend who graduated a few years ago decided to come down for it. We spent a lot of time catching up, eating, and drinking. We caught dinner at Peck's Arcade which was a beautiful space with delicious bites, but the portions were minuscule.
As always when I host, breakfast is on me. I made maple cinnamon rolls which were accompanied by another friends' pumpkin streusel donuts. We explored the farmers market, the little city of Troy with all of its little shops, and found a run down stairway with a bunch of strange wall paintings. Of course, we stop to take pictures in it! After having people come to stay with me the past two weekends, I'm starting to realize that people really do make a place.



That's me. And this Halloween I turn 23.

Okay, that photo is from my 20th Birthday let me try to shape the idea of what it's like to have a birthday on a holiday. I don't think I've ever had a birthday cake that ISN'T decorated for Halloween and I also get a lot of Halloween/Birthday cards which are typically kind of strange. I got to have costume parties (who doesn't love a costume party) and in all honesty the date of my birth probably says a lot about me as a person. That being said, I wish that at some point in the future I get to have a birthday celebration that is isolated from the holiday. As a child, it's an excuse to eat cake and candy in the same day, but as an adult the celebration is lost in the haze parties full of revealing costumes. I never expect this to happen, but it's interesting to think about. Yet I digress, and here are some gift ideas:

Little portable speakers, you know for when I want to listen to music when I'm cooking or hanging out with friends and putting my phone into a bowl just isn't cutting it. This one is pretty cool. 

A cocktail shaker. Self-explanatory.

Books about architecture or design. I'm not picky, but I also have some on a wishlist if you're curious.
Some nice smelling soap.

I love you all but please no more socks, even if they are "like lingerie for men

For grocery shopping and the farmers market, I could really use a reusable tote!

Similarly, I've been tossing lunch into a pocket in my backpack which is weird so I'd love one of those waxed canvas lunch sacks.

Since I trust no one to give me clothing, a gift card to Jackthreads or Frank and Oak would do the trick.

Lastly, a Daniel Wellington Watch; I like the classic Bristol in silver. I blame Mat for this.

I am also taking advice on how to cope with turning 23 while still being in college mainly because freshman make me feel old and jaded. 
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