Unfortunately, That Cliché About ‘time flying when you are having fun’ Is True

Today is Sunday.
Classes start up tomorrow.
I'm not ready.

What happened to January?

I suppose that I do actually know where it went, but it went by much too fast. Having to head back to RPI on January 1st was disappointing since it was great to see all of my friends from back home. After a horrible travel day that involved 2 delays, a missed connection and expensive airport food I finally ended up in Albany after midnight, a total of 12 hours of travel. Then I was here, with nothing but the swim team and curiosities of what was to occur.
Being in architecture the first semester was a challenge to balance swimming in my life, and although I knew the entire team I didn't really feel like I KNEW them. (You know what I mean, right? Like that I hadn't spent enough time with them to individualize each person...)

On the third of January we went to Puerto Rico.

The men's team has a tradition... of looking insane during the travel day of the training trip.

And in between practices we had time to nap... ON THE BEACH.

Or besides the pool. It was nice.

I trained harder that I had in my life, and got to spend all of my time with the swim team, in a tropical location. That is where I defined my friendships with the team, and my god do I love them. (Well, besides a few select individuals.) But in all seriousness I had a fantastic time, and made acquaintances into friends and friends into some of the best friends I've had.

After 8 days we headed back here, to Troy, to continue training. And after a little over a week and a half later here I am telling you about all of it.
And tomorrow I start school again.

I'm taking Building & Thinking of Architecture II, Materials & Design, Architecture Design Studio 1 (which is my studio course that takes up all my time), General Physics, and Sociology. Last semester felt kind of surreal because I was just dipping my feet into what to expect at college, but now I feel like it's time to get serious. In general my goals for this semester are to keep working hard academically, spend more time with members of the swim team, and to not stress myself out about the little things.

Listening to a CD that Natalie sent me, I wish you all a good luck on wherever you are in life right now.
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