Day 7: 20 Reasons I Want to be an Architect

This topic was most definitely a suggestion, and it was a really good one. I knew I wanted to go into architecture, but it had to have sprouted from some sort of passion, and doing this list allowed me to reflect on what those were specifically.
At the end enjoy the pictures of what kinds of projects I've done in Architecture school so far!

1. I want to build houses.

2. It makes the beautiful practical, and thus inhabitable. At a young age I thought I wanted to be an artist, but a) I really wasn't that great at representation through drawing and b) I quickly found out that there wasn't a clear path to getting a job. Since I have to plan everything, leaving the unknown up to chance, and not up to myself.

3. I want to use it as a method in which to personalize a space. Aesthetically demonstrating your personality is a fantastic concept that I believe everyone should be able to have.

4. You produce something physical. Starting with literally nothing, and building your way up, producing physical and visual "things" (for back of better terms) is an amazing feeling once achieved.

5. It serves a purpose within society. Like, you need somewhere to live. Let me make that somewhere for you.

6. I'm passionate about design.

7. I get excited learning about really obscure aspects of architecture. Like concrete and brick mortar designs, new developments of futuristic architecture, and so on.

8. Buildings, in general, fascinate me. They're a bunch of little pieces that you put together in a like a puzzle - except that there isn't just one way to do it.

9. It is a field that combines the things that I'm generally decent at

10. The history of art and architecture is amazing. Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, Bauhaus, De Stijl, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Parametricism, and so much more, all with individual characteristics, all linked together in some way.

11. So is the theory that goes behind it. It's like the sociology of buildings.

12. You can use logical processes for schematic design. Especially for me, during the schematic design process I need to have a reasoning for producing what I'm producing.

13. It's a relatively individualized field. Like I can technically be my own boss.Technically.

14. I think that people should love where they live, and I want to help produce that love.

15. I really can't get bored of it. It's an ever changing field, and an ever changing clientele that will challenge designs to make them for the individual.

16. The creative problem solving that goes into structure and design is challenging and interesting.

17. Analysis of buildings is fun. At least I think so.

18. It is the field in which you know nothing about everything. Or at least that's what they say...

19. As an architect, you are also a part of the interior design and landscape design process. WHICH I ALSO THOROUGHLY ENJOY.

20. Inevitably, an architect is what they make of themself.

I'm experimenting with buckling conditions in columns

Final model first semester of freshman year. (This was supposed to be on Mars...)

For our Materials & Design final we did an analysis of the movement of the human body

In order to producing this structure. Considering architecture as a "third skin"

My most recent project (still a work in progress) in which we analysed light, so I made sin waves and used them as a generative process, thus producing these volumetric modules.

Bookish.Spazz said...


Number 10 is very true! I took AP Art History, and most of what we studied was architecture, and I always loved seeing how different cultures borrowed and re-purposed different conventions. I also love number 5.

lina said...

dillon! i've totally been missing your lists! ugh. it's what i get from being away from blogging for almost a month. sorry i've been missing them. but i've looked at the past ones & i love your lists! it's really neat learning these (basically) random facts about you. these structures are amazing. it's exciting to see your work in progress.

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