L'imagination prend le pouvoir

I still have two years of college after this one and I'm already fed up with the culture of college education.

Students are  dedicating copious amounts of money to get taught one thing and assigned another, and all we do is follow the direction of some old guy who knows more that we ever will. This isn't true in all cases, but for most, yeah this stereotype is all too real. Why do we painstakingly trudge through all of the papers and projects? Why has education become rationalized to the filled in bubbles on a multiple choice test? We need reality. We need experience. Instead we're being drug through years, and years, and more years of schooling and rarely there is a way around it.

Now, I really shouldn't be complaining; I have great professors who actually want to cater to interests that their students have. Some of the work I actually thoroughly enjoy, while the rest is carelessly rushed through. But for me this isn't about the content - there are so many options in this modern age of education that you can take a class on anything you find interesting. (Anyone want to take a class about Beyonce? Miley?)
It's about the quantity/quality of the work that irks me. It's the fact that we feel the need to prioritize schoolwork over social life, physical health, mental health, sleep, relationships, etc. Is this what I have to look forward to upon graduation too?

Maybe it's just this generation, but I want to go places. Not just in the form of travel (because lets face it I do love to travel) but also in life, make something of myself. Isn't that the dream? But this makes us sound naive. Yes, call us spoiled, because to be honest you're right. Since after the great depression families that "made it" really did make it. Rise of the middle class, babe. We definitely take it for granted.* It's very real and it's very different growing up contemporarily and experiencing the world that our parents did, not that many years before.

If we're the generation that is supposed to cure all of the worlds woes, let us. But whatever is going on right now is just teaching us what is wrong with the world; I guess we all need to teach each other how to fix it.

Power to the imagination.

This has been an unprecedented rant.

*shout out to all the parents out their that support your kid, because I know they don't get the credit they deserve. I'm going to make a point of appreciating what those people that created me are helping me with
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