Austin was Awesome

To others it sounds completely unreasonable to fly to another state (or country) to meet up with other people that you met on the internet but for me, it isn't. It's actually kind of awesome. These people are some of my favorite people and closest friends, and we just get each other. It's weird that it's not even weird.

If anyone asked me what my favorite part of being in Austin was, I would have to reply: the meals.
I mean, yes the food was great, but it's what accompanies the food that made the meals fantastic. The camaraderie, the witty banter, the photo taking and sharing of meals, and the feeling of being together. Having Sam tell our waiter that our matching shirts was an "accident" and being with Nicola and KaCee participating in nonstop sass battles. Sitting on a pier overlooking a lake with an iced mocha. No one judges Maggie when she orders a drink... or two. Eating catfish for the first time. Natalie's strange obsession with bananas. Sam getting the check at Magnolias.
Of course I liked a lot else about Austin you guys. Castle hill with all of the beautiful graffiti (and arbitrary rebar which is why it probably has a no trespassing sign). The Velveeta Room comedy club with the guy who winks with the wrong eye and the jokes about grammar. Schlitterbahn and Barton springs cooled us off from the Texas heat, and so many great shops in the downtown area.

But the meals were my favorite.

Bloggers, I love you so much.


Some weekends just turn out to be really great ones, especially ones of the spontaneous variety. 

For the 4th of July I was invited to go to a friends cabin on a (heavily populated) lake which was really awesome. There were fireworks everywhere; we were essentially surrounded by displays from neighbors as well as the ones  our hosts had. There was a lot of food, a boat that likes to dip and get me all wet, night swimming during fireworks, and great company. 

It just so happened that before we left the cabin that the five of us would get brunch on Sunday. Which we did. But not before we spontaneously went back to the cabin to night swim on Saturday night, and then hung around and talked like old friends, which we kind of are at this point. Being able to come home and have friends like this and adventures like this are reasons why going back to school is so hard. (Oh, and when we went to brunch we were all wearing black, denim, and navy/white stripes. Pure coincidence.)

In other news:
- I have been drinking far too much coffee (is that even possible?) and sweet tea. (Not at the same time obviously.)
- reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, and I just got the third one from a thrift store to start
- thinking about packing for Texas (less than two weeks?!)
- listening to mix CD's from Maggie and Natalie, but only in my car because my CD drive isn't working...
- hoping to hear back from an architect who I emailed about an internship, even though I already have a full time job
- I really like coaching. Fast forward three years; once I graduate from college I can move back to Seattle where I'm working as an architect during the day and coaching a team at night. 

Thanks to Erica and Megan for taking photos with me! 

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