Day 5: An elaboration on Day 4.

So a few things have already gone awry with my series of posts (like this is supposed to be day six, and this post isn't even a list of 20 things) but I'll make up for it soon. This past weekend was, to put it lightly, awful, so time was scarce.

Anyways, it seemed like a few people were curious about some of the things I've done so let me explain them.

#11 - Swam across the Puget Sound. In my local area, there is a well known family in which all of their children were swimmers at my high school (before I attended.) Well, one of the sons died in a car crash so one of his friends set up a memorial foundation in which every summer he would organize a 2.3 mile swim across part of the Puget Sound. All of the funds raised go towards swim lesson programs in our community. Not only was it my only open water swimming experience and I was freaking out the entire time, but I somehow managed to be one of the all-time fastest finishers.

#16 - Basic cooking skills. By this I am not implying that all I can do is boil water and toast bread. I mean that I most technical skills needed for cooking almost whatever I want. I really enjoy trying new recipes, and following someone else’s instruction is sometimes easier than just guessing. Although experiments occasionally lead to delicious things...

#17 - Designed and produced clothes for my high school swim team. My senior year of high school I was a captain for our swim team. Overall I extremely disliked it because the coach was passive aggressive, condescending, and doesn't even know how to swim, while none of the other captains did anything (they literally did nothing.) BUT one of the duties I took on was team gear. So I had the freedom to design the sweatshirts, sweatpants, tee shirts, etc. that the entire team was to order. I learned how to correspond with a manufacturer and eventually my graphic designs were being worn by the entire team. It was pretty cool.

#19 - Getting my eyebrow pierced. It was one of those arbitrary spur-of-the-moment things. One of my close friends had mentioned that I could probably pull off an eyebrow piercing. So in a state of spontaneity, (it was April 1st mind you) I asked my parents if I could go get my eyebrow pierced. They thought I was joking and agreed to it. So i drove off to the mall and met my friend there, and I got my eyebrow pierced. I only had it in for about a month and a half, because I took it out for prom and it sealed over when I tried to put it back in. It was cool while it lasted, but it also made my eye twitch a lot because I could see it out of the corner of my eye and my body assumed there was something in it. Since then I have thought about other piercings, but I don't think my face is one for putting holes into. I've been thinking about small gages (like really small) but all of my East coast friends said that they'd disown me.

This is the only picture where you can actually tell there is actually a piercing, so
just accept what it is.
Maggie Shirley said...

I actually cannot believe you got your eyebrow pierced. Like, this is the greatest discovery.

mayte. said...

omg but yes what maggie said.
also, super cool that you swam across the puget sound, it sounds like something from a Death Cab for Cutie Song.

you'd look cool with a septum piercing!

Bookish.Spazz said...

The eyebrow piercing is so cool!

And I wish I was a strong enough swimmer to do something awesome like swim across the Puget Sound, but alas, I can barely doggy paddle.

Natalie said...

Wait. But. Like. Wait.

This is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen. Well, at least today. BUT STILL.

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