London - Day 5

While abroad, my hostess with the mostess Nicola pointed out that although it was my first time abroad, I wasn't interested in doing what most consider to be "tourist" activities. Big Ben and Buckingham Palace weren't on my list of must see's, but rather going to contemporary architectural landmarks and seeing British modern art were. (I see no problem in this, and neither did she!)

On this particular day in London, we were on an art gallery pilgrimage. Starting our day at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, we made our way through the naturally lit galleries filled with art from all ages - the exhibit on Dutch flowers were especially beautiful. After that, we met up with Tom (foxesandcats) at Pilgrim Pizza for a bite to eat. I was shown over to the AA (Architectural Association) bookstore where I purchased one of their publications - a written interview with several architects who have greatly impacted the design world.

En route to the British Museum, a massive downpour forced us to hide in a parking garage, but after a couple of minutes the rain slowed down and we sloshed over. Basically only for me to see the amazing glass ceiling. Later in the afternoon, the weather cleared up for us enough to make our way over to the Tate Modern. The galleries were filled with so much contemporary art, a lot of British artists that I had never seen before! We walked across the Millennium Bridge, stared intently at Saint Paul's Cathedral and ended our day by shoving burgers and fries into our faces. 

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