Random street art I saw in NYC

Things that my high school English teacher taught me that aren't really about English

You aren't allowed to go to the bathroom in college classes. Well, times must have changed because we can go the the bathroom freely, in any of my classes. However the mentality of this has stuck with me, that you really shouldn't feel the need to leave class for any reason. You pay an (unreasonable) amount to attend the school so you might as well go to all of the classes, and actually pay attention in them. Sure it's inevitable that drowsiness might overcome even the most strong, but try and pay attention.

So what? I suppose initially this was in regards to our essays, as in, we should read with the lens of "so what" in order to make sure everything we wrote had a purpose. This is a skill I have taken far past the idea of analytically essays. Really, I take it to heart in my architectural work, where I want to make sure everything has a purpose. So much in design currently is left up to the arbitration of a person - and much too often they make decisions that are pointless, and not thought out.

Go to class drunk. I mean, I don't think I'll ever do this. Nor is it the literal point of the anecdote she told anterior to this advice. What she was really getting at was that we shouldn't forget to have a little fun, to enjoy ourselves amongst all the stress and expectations of a student. Too often I forget that although the work I'm doing is important, it is perhaps not as important as my emotional well-being. I am able to have a wide range of friends and willing to make more, allowing more opportunities to take.

There is no shame in obsessing over what you're passionate about. Although this statement stand by itself, the way it came about was just too funny not to share. This English teacher of mine is a hard core fan girl of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam and practically stalks him. Over the course of a week she saw him 3 times, one of which was at the gym and she was wearing a tee shirt with his face on it, the second time was at a convenience store in which she proceed to duck below the aisles when they made eye contact, and I believe the last time was a meet and greet gala event with the band, and she got a little too tipsy and cried at him because she was overwhelmed with emotion for him (meanwhile her husband just watches the whole scene go down...)
So yeah. Even though I don't think she's recommend obsessing over a person as much as she did, it's still important to find that something that really gets you going.

If she finds this post and decides to read it, I just want her to know that I probably choice some of the most ridiculous things to share, but she's one of the most influential people that was in my life. So thank you.

Natalie said...

Yeah, I just can't bring myself to leave a class even if I'm on the verge of peeing my pants. It just doesn't happen. But yes! Your English teacher sounds like a fantastic woman especially in her encounters with Eddie Vedder. Definitely a true fangirl. And I definitely agree with no shame in obsessing.

▲my• said...

My dance teachers instilled the "don't leave to pee" rule in me as well. You just didn't do it, it was considered disrespectful. The only class I ever excuse myself to the restroom in is yoga, because our teacher told us we should go when we have to, and sometimes yoga makes you need to pee.

Obsessing (in moderation) is actually good for creativity! Obsess! Woo!

I like your English teacher.

shelbyisms said...

I always feel weird about leaving, but my classes are 2 hours and 40 minutes long, and sometimes they don't break until we hit 2 hours! A girl's gotta go, you know?

I have never attended class intoxicated, either (mostly because I don't like to drink that much / it makes me drowsy & nauseous / I drive to school!), but a lot of my pals have and love it. It's not for me.

I love your English teacher. My favorite teacher from high school has a degenerative bone disease that put him in a wheel chair at 28. He has flaming red hair and we call him Hot Wheels. AWESOME.

Hope you're well, <3

Margaret said...

I see this art all over New York, even some that are engraved onto the sidewalk. I wonder what it is exactly and who the artist is. The curiosity is killing me!

I remember the days in high school when you had to raise your hand and ask for permission to use the restroom. So when I started college and saw that students would just up and leave the room to take a drink at the fountain or use the restroom without a word, I thought they were being bad students. Turns out it's actually perfectly normal and it's actual weirder to ask for permission. :D

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