England - Days 1 & 2

After 23 years, 7 months, 10 days, 11 hours, and 23 minutes of being on this planet I finally made it to Europe. I've been in 19 states, and 4 countries in North America, but it took until that precise moment for me to be able to say I've left the continent I was born on. And after traversing Southeast England for 10 days, I can't wait until I can get back across the pond.

After landing, I was greeted and shown around the London Bridge area of the city by my friend and amazing host, Nicola. We grabbed some (ceremonial for my arrival) tea and cake and then walked around a bit before grabbing a bite to eat for dinner.

The next day, after falling subject to jet lag, we took it easy and wandered around her hometown of Ashford where we grabbed coffee at Stag and checked out some of her artwork at the Made In Ashford shop. Later, her family made a traditional "roast" dinner which marked the beginning of my confusion in regards to the differences between English in the U.K. versus in the U.S.

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