Leeds Castle - Day 8

Can you believe that until this point in my life I had never seen a castle before? Are there even castles in America? (Google has, in fact, provided the information that yes there are some and all but a few were built within the last 100 years when there was absolutely no need to build castles considering the advancements in the construction industry. This, however, didn't stop a team of historians from building another in 1997.)

Leeds Castle has been on this site in Kent since 1119 where it has been subjected to firearms, fires, raids, and whatever else happens in castles causing it to be rebuilt, fortified, and expanded in the years since the first stone was laid. Nicola's family and I walked the grounds and took a tour through the interior of the castle. The site also had a beautiful garden and a hedge maze that I led everyone through. It's impossible not to find something magnificent about a building that's experienced all the changes that society has gone through over the past 10 centuries!

After a full day exploring the site, we grabbed a bite to eat at The Old Mill for dinner. Highly recommended if you're ever in the Kennington area of Kent. My appetizer of crispy goat cheese might have been the best thing I ate in England, and the pot of mussels drenched in butter and white wine I got as a main course were delicious as well.

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