London - Day 9

For my last weekend in England, I had the pleasure of spending the entire time in London - a city that's now captured my heart. Having had my dslr out and about for the entire trip, I decided to take this day and only use a 35mm film camera. Something about them has already made this trip feel so nostalgic...

Nicola and I started our morning by visiting the much-anticipated Victoria Miro Gallery which was putting on a Yayoi Kusama exhibit. Reflection was a common thread among the works, as well as the fact that they were all enclosed - making each piece it's own unique viewing space. After that we met up with Tom and his girlfriend, Marta who is the brains behind so many adorable illustrations as well as a handful of children books!

After grabbing a coffee and chatting, we went our separate ways again and made our way to Oxford Street to do a bit of shopping. We went in Liberty (known for their floral prints) but also discovered so many other adorable housewares. I also took advantage of going to a handful of shops that just aren't available to me in Seattle, such as COS and Topman. In the end, I took advantage of the pound price of a suit at Topman, which would have cost me twice as much in the U.S., so a pretty good purchase in my opinion. Plus, you never know when you might need a nice suit!

(I personally love the photo I took of Nicola below, although she probably doesn't.)

Maggie Shirley said...

Ah so fun. I need a little film camera. (Actually, I need to use my DSLR more, but whatever.) Love all the posts from your trip. AND YOU.

Matthew Pike said...

what kind of suit did you get?

35mm, nice work mister!

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