Canterbury - Day 4

On my fourth day in England I was flooded with history. In Canterbury, I was lucky enough to meet (and get a rather in-depth tour from) David, Nicola's long time boyfriend. Since the weather was giving us a hard time, we did a lot of walking and ducking into coffee shops. Starting off at Burgate Coffee, then making our way for lunch at Cafe Turquoise, escaping the rain in Willow, and ending up in Brookstone's independent cafe. After a bit more walking, shopping and checking out the Beaney Museum we headed to Club Burrito for dinner and drinks!

It was also on this day that I learned the true meaning of "tea and cake," a quintessentially British phenomenon. Having never been abroad before, I had heard -jokingly- of "tea time" in England. Little did I know however that yes, these Brits love their tea and yes, they do eat it with cake in the afternoon. Coming from days that usually involve not eating in between breakfast and dinner (let it be known that I never claimed I had healthy eating habits at school), I was constantly full of liquid while in England.

Completely unrelated to my inability to drink a lot of tea, I was able to set foot in Canterbury Cathedral which  dates back to 1070 making it the oldest structure I had ever been to. My architectural mindset caused me to have a very visceral reaction to being in the space, causing me to choke up a little bit. The photos I took don't do it justice, but the original stone carvings and ornate details that were done by hand hundreds, and hundreds of years ago still stand today as living proof of what was capable of designers and buildings long before our time.

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