Brighton - Day 6

Brighton is one of those places that I had heard of through various social media accounts, but really didn't know what to expect when I got there. With Nicola and Charlotte by my side, I was given an amazing experience in the seaside town filled with colorful buildings and whimsical landmarks. 

Upon first arrival, we made a beeline to the Banksy graffiti of two cops which has now been framed to protect it from being painted over. (Thankfully they did this before the rest of the wall was covered up by a giant mural filled with random celebrities faces.) We took some photos in front of graffiti walls - because do you even know me - and then wandered through the main streets of Brighton. 

For lunch, we stopped at Bill's Restaurant where we filled up with amazing food and an afternoon drink. I treated myself to a goat cheese tart, a fillet of sea bass, and a big glass of chardonnay which fueled me up for the next part of our adventure; the Brighton Pavilion. Built as a seaside resort for the Prince of Wales in the early 19th century, it's Indian inspired domes and minarets are completely out of place in England, but makes a quirky addition to this already quirky city.

Next, we headed over to the Pier where we spent most of the time avoiding seagulls and large gusts of wind. Thankfully the weather was nice, making walking along the water enjoyable. Afterwords we met up with one of Nicola's friends for tea and cake at Cloud 9 Bakery where I ordered their famous rainbow cake.

Although the seaside city is a bit of a trek from London it was well worth going to it. As we were leaving I felt like there were so many more places to eat at or explore in, but it made for such a glorious day on my trip to England that I would love to go back! 

Matthew Pike said...

Brighton is stuff a fun place, so much to do and see. Down every street, even residential, there's something new.

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