London - Day 3

For my first foray into London, Nicola and I were joined by the lovely Charlotte to explore the Shoreditch and Brick Lane areas of town. We started our journey by meeting Tom, who is well known in the world of social media as foxesandcats, at the Columbia flower market. In typical England fashion, it rained the entire day. After practically running through the streets composed of equal parts umbrellas and flowers, we found cover in an adorable yellow restaurant called Clutch where we enjoyed an amazing brunch of banana bread french toast and eggs benedict.

Afterwards, we made our way to the Shoreditch area of town where we spent the majority of it taking photos of amazing wall murals! We stopped again for a bite to eat at a market where  I grabbed a margarita pizza from the Pizza Purist and followed that with the best cronut I have ever eaten (disclaimer: I have only ever consumed two but the other was from Dominique Ansel so I think this is pretty significant.) We wandered around a bit more, ducking in and out of shops and made our way to Covent Garden where got dinner at Wagamama. My first full day in London was jam-packed with great food and company, which was a constant throughout my trip. Lucky for me, I was able to see both Charlotte and Tom several more times before it was my time to depart! 

(pictured left to right: Charlotte, Tom, Me, Nicola)
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