Life Update:

I'm finding it hard to believe that this year is only half over. Our 20's are the "transformative years" as they say, and so much has happened - and is about to happen - that I'm really starting to find truth in that. 
So, since I've been gone I... 

Presented my architecture thesis project! Twice, because I got selected to present at an awards jury by my professor. Stressful, but an honor. 

Graduated from College! I completed my 5-year degree in Architecture, Magna Cum Laude, top of my class for my degree. 

Moved back West! After graduating, I packed up 5 years of my life on the East coast to head back to my home in the outskirts of Seattle. 

Flew to England! For the first time in my life, I was able to visit Europe and was shown an amazing time courtesy of my lovely friend Nicola. Posts on the day-to-day adventures are on their way. 

Saw Iceland! After 10 days in England, I hopped over to Iceland for a couple of days to see what all the hype was about. 

And then ended up back in Seattle showing around Natalie, who has been on an All-American road trip. 

Next week I start my job as an Architect, next month I'm running a half-marathon, and I can only imagine what else this year has in store! 
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