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It's the first day of October, and that means that my Birthday is rapidly approaching. For the most part, Birthdays aren't too big of a deal, except for a certain few; 16 when you can get your license, 18 when you become a legal adult and can vote, and 21 the age of being able to purchase alcoholic beverages.

In thirty days I turn 21. Needless to say I'm pretty excited about it. It has more to do with the social aspects of being in a college setting, and having a lot of friends who are older than me that I'm not able to spend time with because of an age restriction.

Anyways, since moving into an apartment I am starting to feel like there are some things I can own now, simply because I have a place to put them, or things to use them with. Like those straws? I don't even need them. I don't even like drinking out of straws to be honest. The rest of the things are more practical, like watch straps, and a wallet, and even though they're not on there I'd love a pair of wayfarer sunglasses.

However, lets talk budgeting real fast. Because most, if not all, of these items are not things I will need in the near future, rather they are things I would like to own. This is true with a lot of things, so this month I'd like to do a budgeting exercise for myself. My goal is to not purchase anything not absolutely necessary for survival. So, groceries I can purchase, I just want to be smarter about them. Everything else, all of the impulse buys that I have been known to do, I am going to resist.

Here's to October!

Natalie said...

Okay, so many fancy straws aren't a life necessity, but... they're fancy. And who doesn't like being fancy?

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