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Lately I've been craving a style change, and it all started with me wanting a new hairstyle, and with it a few new pieces in my wardrobe. It's taken me a really long time to actually figure out the rules (and consequently how to properly break the rules) of style, but as of late I've been extremely comfortable in how I choose to dress. Now, you're all probably thinking "that's a splendid thing for you old sport!" but for some reason I want to start moving into a trend that has been been evolving into something modern and aesthetically interesting; something with edge. 

Whether it is the architect from New York mentality or the fact that Halloween is rapidly approaching, I've been drawn towards a lot of black lately. While looking online for a nice thick knit shawl collar cardigan I stumbled onto the Zara website and instantly became transfixed with these pieces with leather embellishments. Now if we take a look at the pieces above the four on the right could actually probably be easily incorporated into my wardrobe without too much of a style shock; they incorporate elements of edge to ordinary pieces. The first piece however is not something I could see myself wearing, even though all of the photos of it being worn make it looks like such an amazing piece. It's too much of a statement, mainly because the shape is unlike anything I have ever, or currently own.

Unrelated, I'm pretty excited for Halloween festivities.

Maggie Shirley said...

I like number three the best, though they are all great.

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