Rambling Man

I don't usually eat dinner at 10 pm, but when I do it's with the Dean of the School of Architecture and Odile Decq; well known french architect (who also happens to look like Edward Scissorhands.) I mean, it wasn't just the three of us, there were 4 professors and 3 other students too, but I was the only student that was invited -instead of being drawn from a raffle- because I'm in an advisory council with the Dean. I can't tell if the best part was hearing all of the insight from this woman of ingenuity, or seeing my Modernity professor drink too much wine and talk about how I shouldn't be surprised when our lecture is all over the place the next morning.

He was kind of all over the place this morning.
Just like this post is going to be all over the place too.

In other news, it is most definitely fall here in upstate New York. I ordered (and am wearing) a new quilted jacket that I got on sale from Frank & Oak, an online menswear shop that is based out of Montreal. It's one of my favorite pieces in my closet as of now so I wear it all the time. These pants on the other hand I rarely wear, even though I've had them for almost 5 years now; and yet they somehow still fit me.

The other night I got a bit restless and decided to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from one of my favorite food blogs, A Pastry Affair. (I also found her recipe for a pumpkin spice latte that I plan on trying very soon.) The cookies are so simple, but delicious.

I've spent my free time recently renovating a mid-century modern dresser that was left in our basement into a sort of liquor cabinet (almost 21 guys, almost) where I took out the bottom two drawers and replaced them with semi-transparent plastic doors. It's pretty poorly constructed but I'm pretty proud of myself for trying to do something I'd never done before and it actually pretty much worked out.

That'll be my motto for this year; try new things and hope they work out.

lina said...

wow! what an honor to be invited to such an intriguing dinner! it kind of sounds like it could be the first chapter of a book, the way you described it.

great outfit - as always.

i'm going to check out those recipes! & i would love to see the end result of your liquor cabinet project!

keep trying those new things, dillon. it seems you are headed in a good direction.

Lizzie said...

"Try new things and hope they work out." I really like that motto!

Congrats on being invited and having such a good time.

And I love your outfit. It epitomizes fall. :)

Also, thank you for the last comment on my recent post. Sophomore year has been really awesome.

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, look at you all fancy and architecture-y. That's fantastic. It sounds like a super great opportunity.

It is most definitely fall.

I think I should come over and eat your peanut butter chocolate chip cookies?

Pictures of the dresser? It sounds cool.

Trying new things and hoping they work out is kind of what I'm trying to do too. LET'S HOPE FOR THE BEST.

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