Last year, during my first semester as a second year student of architecture, we were assigned to design an addition to a museum.

This year, my work along with 9 other students have their work being shown in the museum.

In retrospect, it's kind of a crazy thing. My design was chosen to be presented as one of the top from my section of students, and 9 other amazing designs were picked too. And then our work was realized in the three dimensional form by the means of 3D printing.

Here we are, a year later and the work is in an exhibit in the museum. I thought the gallery opening was cool enough, but one of Capital Regions newspapers ran a story on it. Not only did they run a story, they conducted interviews and I happened to be around for that so now I'm IN the newspaper article. And then we got photographed for the article, and somehow only three images ran with the article; one of the group of us whose work was exhibited (shown at top), one of Jackson's (a grad student and a friend of mine) interior render, and me with my model.

And our work was published in a book by the School of Architecture. We all got one. It's kind of fantastic.

I do not in any way own these photos, all credit goes to the Daily Gazette and Gazette Photographer: Stacey Lauren-Kennedy
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this is amazing!! congratulations, dillon!! so neat.

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