Mid Term.

I've had quite a tumultuous week. I had a few mid-term tests recently and my studio midterm presentation in which our dean winked at me. A lot of the grimy had to do with the prospects of a relationship that from the beginning was not going to work out - we both knew it too. But oddly enough I'm not upset about it. I also came to the realization that without swimming looming over my life I would have time for a relationship if I wanted one. But enough about that.

In the past few weeks there have been a lot of people coming back to RPI as alumni and it's so weird to think that I'm a junior in college now. Like, I even started thinking about whether or not grad school should be an option so that I could teach if  I wanted to. (And since when would having a Masters hurt in finding a job?) Just a few years ago, some even less than that had graduated and are now part of the real world which is a moderately terrifying prospect. Already I am concerning myself with summer internships, and seasonal jobs for when I go home during winter break.

In general though, not much else has been going on. I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and although they have a consistency similar to muffins they are too good. One of my roommates got me hooked on American Horror Story. Natalie is supposed to be coming up next weekend! I met a grad student at my school today who grew up with Maggie and she was really nice, and excited about the fact that we had a mutual friend. Sometimes you just have moments where all you can think of is, "it is a small world."

<<jacket: dead poets society by UO > < sweater: j.crew > < navy blue tee shirt: nordstrom > < belt: old navy > 
< off white denim: levis > < clarks desert boots w/  blue j.crew laces>>
Natalie said...

Wait, is having a consistency similar to muffins a BAD thing? That sounds like the best kind of consistency.

You're older than me, obviously, but yeah. I'm already having those same kinds of feelings. Like, oh, wait, college is going by rather quickly and pretty soon it'll be onto the next thing.

That's crazy that you met someone Maggie grew up with... the world is a small place.


I very much enjoy your shoes.

mayte. said...

so I've recently made a friend who is like a gay black version of you and I talk about you to him all the time. it's probably creepy.
i'm so jealous you get to see Natalie and I'm also on the "should I get my masters?" boat. I could get my Masters cost free here in California, so I think I am going to. yay for public institutions.

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