Anecdote of the Day

It's too early for me to go to bed, and I've really had an urge to blog lately but haven't been able to (eat, sleep, process large words,etc.) for a while since finals has come upon myself. But, the night is young, and my workload is dwindling along with my motivation, and something happened today that I just haven't been able to fully process yet.

We were in line at the salad bar at the dining hall (this is really irrelevant besides to point out the fact that it was an extremely casual setting) and one of the graduate architecture students who my friend group and I have recently befriended had joined us, and he looked forlorn. I mean, I'm used to seeing him tired (I swear he doesn't sleep the hardworking fellow) but he just seriously looked... sad. So, in my sarcastic way I said to him "You look so happy today!", assuming he was just really tired and followed that up immediately with "I'm being completely sarcastic. Are you alright?"
He just kind of mumbled that he was really tired, long weekend, something else under his breath.
I sympathized, but since we were getting food it was a short-winded conversation that I had forgotten about soon after.
Later, when we had arrived back to studio, I was all set up at my desk -glasses on, headphones in blasting Temper Trap- when he tapped me as he walked past to go to the computer lab, and in the same forlorn sort of tone said "Thanks."
And then he stood there for a second because upon receiving a tap I have to spin around to see who it was, take off my glasses because oops they're reading glasses and I can't see more than five feet away from me when they're on and rip out my headphones to actually hear what he said. I had him repeat what he said.
"For what?" (I said this almost exasperatedly because I had no idea why he'd be thanking me for something. Recall that I had forgotten the earlier conversation.)
"Thanks for caring."
(Confused look on Dillon's face)
"For earlier..." At this point he seemed almost embarrassed, and I also remembered the conversation that I reminded you that I had forgotten. I stammer out something along the lines of  no problem because I thought he was being sarcastic. He walks away and I'm stupefied at the situation, so, like any technologically advanced person I message him and a) ask him if he was being sarcastic and b) told him that if he ever needs to rant or talk that we're good listeners. Turns out he was being genuine.
He and his long time girlfriend had broken up that weekend, and he was saying that he was sad that he's not going to see us for a year (commence "awwww's") and that was showing up on his face. I again tried sympathizing and ended by asking if he'd like to join us to see The Great Gatsby on Friday. Once he responded in commitment to my invitation, I did what I felt like was right and got him a ticket online and printed it out and casually handed it to him.

It was at this point at time that I accepted that 2013 sucks. Like, it's just been really awful to me so far.
That doesn't mean that other people have to suffer as well. Why not give the person who needs a pick me up a pick me up. Because then maybe you'll get a pick me up too. And actually, that thanks for caring was my pick me up. (That and the ice cream that I was surprised with by another friend. That helped too.)

So just as a general message to my readers, thanks for reading. Thanks for taking the time to read, or skim, or even just glance at the picture at the top. It means a lot, even if you don't comment, that you took the time to read whatever words stumble out of my mind on any given day.

Natalie said...

DILLON. You are the greatest person. Just. That's all.

Lizzie said...

This is an awesome reminder how important it is to connect with people and share these small moments that actually mean so much.

Thanks! And good luck with the rest of your finals! I can totally relate with the dwindling workload and dwindling motivation.

mayte. said...

I'm glad you asked him what was wrong. I don't think people realize how much that actually helps when you're having a shitty day.

SUMMER IS HERE DILLON, IT'S HERE. (sort of, whatever, see you soon tall one.)

Nicola said...

DILLON YOU ARE WONDERFUL. I mean it. Really. Honestly.
It just shows that being there for people is really important. You are a super guy.

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