Coffee and Pie

Two girls, two coffee shops, one day, one Dillon.

My recent obsession with pie has sprouted from my recent obsession of a certain cancelled T.V. show so it really shouldn't be a surprise that one of my coffee dates ended up being at a pie shop. I had a slice of rhubarb pie while Taylor got a slice of blackberry pie and both were delicious. I plan on making a pie myself later this week, soley because a pie has never been baked in my house and it's about time someone around here bakes a pie! (Also, this place serves up a big slice of remembering-last-summer-shenanigans-with-bloggers.)

Between the two reunions countless stories were told and memories unearthed, and nostalgia has overwhelmed me. Perhaps it's the large amount of caffeine flowing through my system right now (I had a hazelnut macchiato at Starbucks, and a vanilla latte here, at Shoofly Pie) but I am really curious about all of the people that I haven't seen or heard from in a while. Getting back together with people who live in different places and experience different ways of living has prodded me into wondering what other people who I used to be in cahoots with are doing with their lives. Not that I actually want to see some of these people, but rather just know what they've been up to. Sure, facebook does that, but only to a certain extent.

I just want to read the back cover of the biography of their life so to speak. Is that strange?

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maggeygrace said...


I like.

Lizzi said...


And pie!

Lizzie said...

Nope, it's not strange at all to wonder what old pals are up to! At least I hope it's not strange because I do it too.

I've baked Vinegar Pie before. I kind of remember it being disgusting, but I want to try it again.

(I still can't get over how much my Creative Writing professor dressed like you!)

Natalie said...

Damn it Dillon, stop making your sassy poses because I can't deal with them. CAN'T.

I DO REMEMBER THAT PLACE! I don't think I got anything when we stopped there because we had just gotten ice cream or something but gosh darn it I really want some blackberry pie now.

Yeah, there are so many people that I really don't want to actually talk to, but am still interested in seeing what's up with their lives as of late. I think we just need more informative stalking capabilities other than Facebook.

▲my• said...

Dillon, I can't with this photo. I just can't.

I miss Seattle, and that pie shop, and you! Perhaps you're watching Twin Peaks? (I hope. Pie and coffee=Twin Peaks in my mind.)

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