Is this my battle to fight
I understand that my actions have consequences, I have a utilitarian perspective to begin with
Sure things aren't always fair, these things I understand
Are you being unprofessional if you are not a professional to begin with
How come you all cower
Why are we afraid to confront authority if what we believe what they are doing is not advantageous
How come no one shares what they are feeling
Receiving feedback on yourself is hard to cope with
But it's meant to be a critique; something that you take into consideration from another outside view
Just because it's different doesn't mean its right
Or wrong for that matter
But take it to heart
Or don't
Listening and hearing have different definitions
And if you don't
Continuation becomes an exhausting feat
My expectations are high
And why should they not be
And why should that mean I should change them to compensate for another
Can we meet halfway, if only for comprehension
Perhaps negligence? I observe obstinateness
Ossifiy, obdurate
Fear drives your motives, I am almost sure of it
Trying to speak truth, to genuinely express concern
Should not result in distrust, doubt, dubitation
Yet it does
The consequences continue
As do I.

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