That's me. And this Halloween I turn 23.

Okay, that photo is from my 20th Birthday let me try to shape the idea of what it's like to have a birthday on a holiday. I don't think I've ever had a birthday cake that ISN'T decorated for Halloween and I also get a lot of Halloween/Birthday cards which are typically kind of strange. I got to have costume parties (who doesn't love a costume party) and in all honesty the date of my birth probably says a lot about me as a person. That being said, I wish that at some point in the future I get to have a birthday celebration that is isolated from the holiday. As a child, it's an excuse to eat cake and candy in the same day, but as an adult the celebration is lost in the haze parties full of revealing costumes. I never expect this to happen, but it's interesting to think about. Yet I digress, and here are some gift ideas:

Little portable speakers, you know for when I want to listen to music when I'm cooking or hanging out with friends and putting my phone into a bowl just isn't cutting it. This one is pretty cool. 

A cocktail shaker. Self-explanatory.

Books about architecture or design. I'm not picky, but I also have some on a wishlist if you're curious.
Some nice smelling soap.

I love you all but please no more socks, even if they are "like lingerie for men

For grocery shopping and the farmers market, I could really use a reusable tote!

Similarly, I've been tossing lunch into a pocket in my backpack which is weird so I'd love one of those waxed canvas lunch sacks.

Since I trust no one to give me clothing, a gift card to Jackthreads or Frank and Oak would do the trick.

Lastly, a Daniel Wellington Watch; I like the classic Bristol in silver. I blame Mat for this.

I am also taking advice on how to cope with turning 23 while still being in college mainly because freshman make me feel old and jaded. 
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