College: Round 2

I'm back in New York, and ready to conquer another year of school.

It's been an adventurous and busy past couple of days, and I finally have a bit of time to share what I've been doing with it! Who knows when another free opportunity will come again, they all say that second year of architecture school is the hardest.

First of all, instead of flying to Upstate New York -which I usually do- myself (and my family included) flew to Boston. It was a) A much cheaper flight than usual b) an excuse for my parents and sister to really see where I go to school and c) a really good idea. Boston is fantastic.

Needless to say, I rather enjoyed this city. The perfect mix of quirk and prep as can be exuded by a city. We ate good seafood, delicious Italian food, went shopping, got a more durable version of this poster for my dorm, walked through the city to Boston Commons, saw Harvard and Berklee College of Music, walked some more, and we were just the most touristy tourists. (I definitely had my camera strapped to me wherever we went. Super tourist move.)

And after a three hour drive, we made it over to RPI, I unpacked, organized, saw some friends and organized some more.

And classes start tomorrow.

Let all hell break loose!

(In addition, thank you all who commented on the last post, Living. I really loved hearing your take on my thoughts!)

Lizzie said...

These photos are awesome! This post reminds me of my very brief trip to Boston two years ago. We were just passing through to see the main cites, but my camera had died and resorted to taking crappy cell phone pictures.

Good luck with your second year of college!

Natalie said...

I definitely just got done looking at all of these photos on Facebook. Boston looks awesome. I don't think I've ever been there, or at least at any age that I can remember. And now I want to go climb on that noodle sculpture. Now stop reading this comment and go to bed so you get a good night's sleep before your first day of classes!

Maggie Shirley said...

I love all of these pictures. You should have taken pictures while we were all in Seattle.

Also, that poster is so cool, and I am totally getting the Austin one. Like, literally love at first sight.

Good luck with school this year! We are all going to be so busy.

Bookish.Spazz said...

I love the pictures you took! I've never been Boston... or anywhere on the east coast. I always get mad wanderlust when I see pictures of places like Boston.

Good luck with your classes! Also, that poster is super rad!

mayte. said...

I had always wondered where that mural of the girl wearing the hijab was and BOSTON. I'm so glad you went.

I'm excited for you to be in school so you can build me a house shaped like a corgi.
expect stuff as soon as I find something /hip/ enough to send you.

Nicola said...

These photos are brilliant.
I really want to be back in the US.
missing you lots!

Anastasia said...

Great photos. I've never been to Boston. When are you going to come to NYC?

Stacey said...

Wow great pics :) It's nice to see that you visited Boston. It's really nice, isn't it? And did you walk the entire Freedom Trail?

Good luck with this upcoming school year. And have a blast~! :)

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