That's right, tickets have been bought to fly to Austin, Texas in March!

What started off as a joke turned into a series of well-timed coincidences (oh, Natalie, our Spring Breaks are the same week? Maggie, we can stay with you?) and an insanely inexpensive plane ticket was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Since this is my last year in college and next summer will be a hectic time -moving, getting a job, etc- I don't plan on being able to attend a blogger meetup this summer like I have in the past. Rather, I'm going to take a few individual trips to compensate.

For those of you who don't know, I have a light enough course load that I took a job working part time at a small architecture firm nearby. This means that I have an income, and what I don't allocate for student loans, I'm saving up for a trip I would like to take to...



Not only is it a beautiful place with fantastic architecture, but there are also a handful of bloggers that I hope to visit. The lovely Nicola would be first on my list. Having met this creative soul in various location in the United States, I think it's time for me to go across the pond for her! She has introduced me (digitally) to her beaux, David, and Tom (also known as the illustrator foxesandcats) who I need to meet. Mat and Nik over at Buckets and Spades have been so friendly that maybe they'd like to meet up as well. While this is all still in the works, I'm very excited about the prospects of my first international travels! 
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No way, I wasn't expecting to see London below the drum roll! Man, you have been doing some good saving with your PT job. Yes, we'd love to meet. I'm not actually from London (about 4 hour's train ride away) but I'll surely come down to meet you.

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