Things have been extraordinarily hectic since school started back up. I don't particularly want to go into details, but I've been able to figure most things out and I'm starting to get back on track to where I need to be for a good semester. Since it's only been two weeks I've been lacking a bit of motivation to do work, so I've been doing the bare minimum as of now, but that will change soon enough. I just need to get used to a schedule. Schedules help me focus and organize.

A List:
Maggie introduced me to Cataldo  and I listened to all three of their albums three times in the course of a day, while I was working on architectural drawings. It's like a unique combination of Death Cab For Cutie and The Avett Brothers. At least in my opinion.
- I made banana bread. I always use this recipe and so far I haven't produced an unsatisfactory loaf. (Baking tip: Add chocolate chips. It makes it even better)
- I found out over winter break that I was far sighted, which explains my difficulty in reading/working on the computer after a few hours. So I ordered a pair of glasses after trying a few pairs on. They should be coming soon. (Thank goodness because I'm sitting like three feet away from the screen as I type this. Not exaggerating.)
- I recently got Chicago (The Musical) and I'm very excited for a spare few hours to watch it. I just love jazz music.
-The watch I got for Christmas is awesome for several reasons, one of which is the fact that I can change out straps. So when I saw a leather replacement I was very tempted to get it, but I waited too long and now it's sold out.
- I read The Fault in Our Stars recently and had to refrain from crying when reading it since I was sitting on a bus with my swim team when I was doing so. Probably would have startled a few people if I had done that. (Meaning, of course I loved the book.)
- When my laptop got stolen and I thought I lost everything it turns out I randomly backed up to my hardrive in late April. So I'm only missing one semesters worth of work instead of 3! And my website for my electronic portfolio is up and has content and even though I accepted a coaching job again, I'm still going to try and apply for internships in Seattle. This does require a bit more work but if I manage my time well, all will be okay.
- Also, this article on how to cope with unstylish friends made me laugh.

My life is ridiculous.
Maggie Shirley said...

Chicago is wonderful, and I love jazz music too. It's great. Also, I'm really glad you didn't lose everything like you thought! Yay! And I just texted you this, but I'm going to make you uncomfortable again and say that you are just THE CUTEST.

lina said...

like the list! thanks for the banana bread recipe. you know me, love those recipes! haha.
great choice with the glasses! they look awesome.
chicago is very good. don't particularly like the story line, but the music & performances are great!
also, i use dropbox for my thesis work. it's a life saver if i loose anything. check it out if you haven't already!

Natalie DiCenzo said...

Dillon, look at your glasses. Look at you. You're just. Look at you. I could go for some banana bread right now. I'm very glad that you liked TFiOS. I definitely did not succeed in refraining from crying. And YAY! I'm so happy that not absolutely everything from your laptop is gone forever. That is a great thing.

Lizzie said...

I'm relieved you had backed up your computer. I obsessively worry about losing my back up. I should probably buy an external hard drive -- so many photos I don't want to lose!

TFiOS is beautiful.

Best of luck with the hectic schedule.

Nicola said...

You look perfect in that photo Dillon. Perfect.
Hope things calm down a little. Keep being awesome.

▲my• said...

Look at you Dillon. I love you.
When the post said you got glasses, before I clicked the link, I thought "I bet he got Warby Parker's".

TFiOS was so good, I couldn't hold the tears back, but luckily I was alone in bed.

I still haven't seen Chicago, but I love the songs from it.

I'm glad you had most of your stuff backed-up! What a relief!

maggeygrace said...

Partly because I'm mentioned in it (!!). Partly because of your glasses that are adorable. Partly because YES YOU READ THE FAULT IN OUR STARS although I know that happened a while ago but I'm still excited that you read it. Let's not go into my thoughts on Chicago because as you know I'm not a fan but maybe I'll give it another shot?

Also if you ever want to send me some of that banana bread...

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