Off to a bad start

This is an interesting start to the new year.

Once again, I travelled to Puerto Rico with my swim team for our 8 day training trip in which we bombard our bodies with physical activity until we cannot move any more. The only nice part about this is the fact that we were in a tropical location and got tan while doing it. Well, we received sun. Most of us burnt really. Like usual, we all spend too much time together and end up having a bit of animosity towards one another by the end, causing drama. I've decided to essentially give up on one of my friendships over this period of time, because I'm tired of trying to be friends with someone who won't make time to do things with me, or anyone really. Maybe if he realized he doesn't need to be attached at the hip to his girlfriend BOTH of them would have more friends. But alas, their togetherness makes everyone around them uncomfortable. But I digress. That's not really what I wished to discuss in this post.

What DID happen is this: The apartment I am staying in over break (since we don't have classes until the 23rd or something, and they close our dorms) got broken into while we were gone. Mostly they just took electronic items that they knew they could sell easily. Tv's, xboxes, stuff like that. It's a pain to have to replace them, but they are replaceable nonetheless. What I am extraordinarily dumbfounded by was why they took my laptop, and no one else's. Mine was actually slightly hidden too, more so than others in the apartment.

There is so much data on there that I'm just devastated.

I was stupid and didn't  back it up recently, or really, at all. I should have been better about that. Then this wouldn't be such a big deal. I was so close to taking it with me when we left too, and if I had done that, it would still be with me. If I had actually hid it, maybe it wouldn't be taken. There are so many things I could have done to prevent this, and I'm just kicking myself for losing it.
ALL of my schoolwork is now gone. All my music, all my photo's, everything.

I have managed to find a few files and images via email's that I haven't deleted (because generally I store everything, just in case), but it's not enough. I have a loaner laptop right now, and I believe insurance covers a replacement, which is nice, but I need that data. I had planned on making an electronic portfolio for all of my architecture work before classes started. Well, now that I don't have any work to show, it's going to be near impossible for me to create a portfolio. Without a portfolio, I can't apply to internships. My goal of getting an internships at a firm this summer is completely wiped out.

I'm devastated.
shelbyisms said...

Oh my God! Dillon! I'm so sorry! That's so sad.

I'll find whoever did it and make him pay.

Natalie said...

Oh, god... that is absolutely horrible. I would be completely crushed. I hope whatever disgusting people did this get what they deserve in the end, especially if BFAT has anything to do with it.

Maggie Shirley said...

I'm so sorry about your computer. That's awful.

Lizzie said...

This is terrible. I am really, really, sorry. Natalie's right, if BFAT is on it, we'll get the jerks.

Kayleigh said...

In many ways, there's nothing you could have done about it. It's horrible, but it still isn't your fault that people made awful choices. I would be devastated like you to have my computer go missing. I can only imagine the loss you feel. I'm really sorry this happened and that things pick up for you soon.

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