I wouldn't necessarily say that Colorado is radical, but I do enjoy the slogan "Coloradical" that I came upon this weekend.

It being my first weekend that I'm not living in a new place, I didn't have to scout out places to rent (my first weekend) or find the time to furnish my new place (my second weekend), so I ventured out into this new state. I knew that I wanted to go into Denver at some point, and I was conveniently asked to take my roommate/landlord to the Denver airport on Sunday so I figured, when in Rome! I spent Saturday afternoon trying to figure what I was going to do/see/get into the city and this nifty guide helped me out quite a bit. Saturday evening I felt like a real person because my coworker invited me to have dinner with his wife at their home, and it was a really fun time (even though I couldn't shake the feeling the initial invite was a little bit out of pity. He was asking me things like "so do you have family down here? friends? do you know anyone?" and then followed up with an invitation. But hey, I don't mind. I know practically no one. But I digress...)

SO. Sunday I made the trek up to the airport and then to a light rail station because I really didn't feel like driving into a city that I don't know. But in terms of cities it wasn't a heavily populated one; it's lack of large skyscrapers gave it an open feel that was similar to D.C. My plan was to start off having breakfast at Snooze, which was highly recommended. Apparently everyone else thought that was a good idea too because there was a 2 hour wait.
I didn't wait.
Instead I headed to the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, then to Tattered Covers (a bookstore) where I ended up getting a book called Why We Build. It's about humans and power and architecture and that kind of sounds right up the alley of a an architecture student getting a minor in sociology. I wandered up and down the 16th Street Mall (which was more street than mall) and met a friend for lunch.

Sidebar: I did not have good experiences with food service while I was in Denver. My first stop was ridiculously busy. At the bookstore cafe I ordered an "iced mocha" and received a "spiced chai", and at lunch at Wynkoop Brewery I ordered a "salmon club" and received a "BLT". When they brought me out the correct dish the salmon was severely under-cooked and my beer was warm. Needless to say I'm not recommending it to anyone. EVER.

However, it was nice to see someone that I knew before moving here. Afterwards I went to the Denver Art Museum. It was slightly disappointing in content but the building (designed by Libeskind) was perfection. I might have enjoyed the architecture more than the galleries.

There is still so much to do in Colorado and only so many weekends to do it in!

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