"You're basically Dan Humphrey" 
- Says anyone who bases their knowledge of New York City off of Gossip Girl when I tell them I've moved to Brooklyn. 

So yeah. Rewind. 

Wednesday I flew Seatac to Newark, took an airport bus to Grand Central Station where I (poorly) hailed a cab to take me to my new apartment in Brooklyn. There was absolutely no way I was going to try and maneuver the 4-5-6 subway during rush hour with 2 suitcases, a large duffel, a backpack and an umbrella. 

"This is place is brand new" I thought to myself when my landlord took me around our new apartment. So new in fact, that the stairs that go to the lower level of the unit weren't even finished. So new that the floors (and inside of the microwave and basically everything else in the building) was covered in dust from all the construction that had to happen. A month ago this unit didn't even have walls. Impressive, really. So new that no one had made sure that the deadbolt actually worked (which it didn't) leaving me slightly mortified, alone, in this new place I'm calling home for the next 5 months. Without a bed or wifi, I pulled out a sweater to use as a pillow and a scarf for a blanket and laid down on the hardwood floor to try and get some sleep. 

Thursday I took a train upstate to my old apartment to get all my bedding.
Saturday the queen-sized-"never-flat"-air-mattress arrived and I slept so, so well. 

"Wait but I thought you already lived in New York" 
- Says anyone who doesn't realize New York is actually a very, very large state and not just a very well known city. 

I did. Upstate. No, that's not the same as Uptown. How far? A three hour drive. 
No, I didn't graduate yet. No, I didn't drop out either. 
I'll be here
But that starts next week. 

Since I've been here I went to a bar near the East Village for an RPI Alumni of NYC hockey game watching party, where I caught up with friends who are living and working in the city after graduation. After our team won the game which I did not watch, we went to bareburger for post drink burgers and shakes. But in my neighborhood I've found the most hipster salad bar restaurant, and a cute coffee shop. 

Today I went to Mood (the fabric store where Project Runway contests shop on the show) with my friend Taylor who lives in the city and knows the store like the back of her hand. It was also the place I had my first "celebrity" sighting and apparently I get really starstruck, so that's something to work on. While we were there, I saw Sonja Williams who was in Season 10, but is currently on All Stars. After making awkward eye contact with her I didn't want to embarrass myself further to ask for a photo, so I didn't. 

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a professor (that I had my third year, and TA'd for last semester) at his office in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for lunch. Outside of teaching he's working on these really cool 3-D puzzles that he calls Lock-Nesters

I also get to see Natalie at some point this week! 

I'm liking this adventure so far. 

Natalie said...

"I did. Upstate. No, that's not the same as Uptown." OMG.

Also you went to Mood??? DID YOU SEE TIM GUNN???

And wait, yes! I remember you showing me the thing with the guy and the puzzle things!

Ugh I really want to see your apartment. Why must Brooklyn be so far from everything else (not that far but yknow). I will see it at some point, I'm sure. Maybe. I hope.

lina said...

i love how you write! haha so funny.

my sister & i were really into project runway when it first started. so fun!! i would so love to go to mood.

i can't wait to see photos of your apartment once you settle in. just from that top photo, it looks plain awesome.

iqra said...


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